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Jr. KG Kids thank the Community Helpers from school

Normally when it comes to a topic like community helpers, we tend to make the kids learn everything about them – Who they are? What they do? In what way they help us? We thought that it actually should be the other way round. Let’s get the people, who help in everyday chores of the school – directly or indirectly, together and introduce them to the children and let the children learn for themselves. We also thought it would be a good opportunity to appreciate the work these people do for us.


All Junior KG kids were gathered together and apart from their teachers they could see some aunties, kakas – the familiar faces, and some unfamiliar faces there which were the gardener, electrician and the carpenter.

Teachers played a game with the kids where she described the work done by people and asked them to guess the name. The kids performed wonderful small skits, in each of which they said a few lines about what the Community Helpers do for them every day and in turn recognized the one from school and thanked them in person. They did realize what the Community Helpers were doing to help them.

These helpers said a few words to the kids and that had great impact on the kids which made them appreciate them even more.




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