Ongoing Activities

5 Simple steps for registering for an event/workshop on MASA – For new member (From Millennium school or outside):

1. If you are a new member on MASA, click REGISTER tab (on the www.myshala.com/masa page) and enter your basic details in the form. Please fill in the required fields (*)
2. On the successful fill up of the form, you will get an email confirming your registration on MASA.
3. Open your registered email inbox and click on the link provided by the MASA team. To complete the process of registration you need to click back on the link, otherwise, your registration remains pending.
4. After you click to confirm, in a few minutes, you will get another email from MASA team, generating your unique MASA id – for e.g.– MASA1120
5. Enter this MASA id once you login and enter the password which you had entered during the fill up of the form. Once you see your name in the right most corner of the website, clearly indicates that you are registered!


"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

Education sets a learning premise, skill wisdom a lasting promise. School is a place where learning is adhered in a certain set of rules. But, post the school hours, children and their parents are in a hassle-free state of mind. Their minds are fresh to get involved in new skill sets and passions.

Millennium After School Activities, fondly termed as MASA by Team Millennium is conceived in the backdrop of this very notion of fun learning activity workshop- post school hours. The idea was perceived by the team and it took shape in the year 2010.

Team Millennium believes that skill awareness should not be restricted to students only, involving their parents and dear ones into the activity or workshop lets the child feel at home. Moreover for parents, it helps them to bond and interact with their child in a diversified way.

MASA will invite master trainers from various fields ranging from art, fashion, technology, science, media and many more to inculcate a culture of dynamic learning through their master classes.

Team Millennium wishes to involve the parents and their children together to become part of this splendid experience!

It's OK to fail

It's OK to try something new.
It's OK to make mistakes. You will learn a lot from them.
It's OK to take risks.
It's OK to take your time.
It's OK to find your own pace.
It's OK to try it your own way.
It's OK to fail. You can always try again free of fear.
It's OK to look foolish.
It's OK to be different.
It's OK to wait until you feel ready.
It's OK to experiment (in safety).
It's OK to question the "shoulds."
It's special to be you.
It is necessary to make a mess - which you are willing to clean up.
(The act of creation is often messy.)

(MAKING THINGS :- Ann Sayre Wiseman)

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