Anchoring Workshop

by Vivek Yatnalkar

Kite Making, Flying

Venue :
Millennium National School. Pune

About Workshop

Every year, preparing the students for anchoring prior to the gathering is a challenging task. Some students are spontaneous speakers while some need training. A few have the proficiency, while some need to get their technique right.

This year though, was a tad different. Our own Millennium parent Mr. Vivek Yatnalkar, who is also an experienced corporate trainer, volunteered to tutor our selected anchors for the gathering.

The 25 students were selected through a grilling process. Auditions were conducted among 150 students.

He taught about the salient features of anchoring:

• Connection with the audience
• Toning
• Confidence
• Expressions

Apart from this, he shared essential tips like following a healthy regimen- to eat, sleep and exercise on time. To practice posture and smile in front of the mirror. One must be joyful inside to portray the mood outside.

He took out his valuable time and offered tips and expert teaching that made students more confident in their approach. No one will deny the fact that our students anchored exceptionally well this year!

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