Backyard Science

Time: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm (Friday, 21st February 2014)

Venue: KG premises, Millennium National School. Pune

Imp note: Since activities performed at the workshop involves parents too, it is obligatory for at least one parent to attend the workshop along with their child. Also, it is preferable if a small snack tiffin is brought by the parent.

About Life-Lab

Learning is Fun and Experiential (LIFE) lab is an innovative hands-on lab designed to foster creativity and rationality among children using science education as bedrock.

The core ideology of life lab is - Science is an Attitude, not just an academic discipline. Lewitt Somarajan, volunteer with Life-Lab, will lead the workshop.

Their mission is to empower the educators to create self-sustainable activity based learning platforms in schools by making science learning fun and experiential for children. To watch more audio-visual content of Life-Lab, please click here.

Backyard Science Workshop

In the lap of nature "developing a scientific attitude"

As the tag line of Life- Lab suggests, Life is Fun and Experiential, so was the Backyard Science workshop, conducted by the Life-Lab team on 21st February. It was filled with fun combined with learning at the same time.

The NGO is designed to foster creativity and rational thinking among children. Madhu and Sampada, team from Life-Lab, enthralled the participants with their impressive and innovative activities.

The first session, named "Printing Leafs and flowers" required the students to look deep into nature, identify the shapes, sizes and class of the leafs that they plucked for printing.

For the purpose of printing, each participant was given a piece of cloth, a few sheets of papers and a tough board. The activity involved the children and parents to stamp the leaves on the cloth, so as to get an impression of the various leaves on the cloth. The different designs and patterns, created from the stamping, were beautiful pieces of art.

The idea was to achieve a scientific attitude through a fun-filled activity. It is seldom, that we observe nature with its intrinsic features and tremendous beauty. This activity exactly bridged that gap and students rejoiced these moments.

The second activity, named as "Building paper bridges"? took the workshop at a higher level of learning by doing things.

The activity involved the parents and their children to make different shapes (cylindrical, triangle, square) using paper for making base or foundation for the bridge. It also comprised of making a variety of paper folding" for structuring bridges.

Overall, the activity involved parent-child partnership, giving them an opportunity to be one with the environment and observe it in a discrete, ground-breaking and an artistic fashion.


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