Chinese Language Orientation

Learning Chinese Can Be So Much Fun!

Language cuts the barrier and it plays a pivotal role in this fast-paced world. Learning a new language can be difficult, yet we need to raise global children with the current shift in economy. Keeping these two facts in mind, Millennium National School held a Chinese Language Orientation on 20th September which was not only informative but also had the room full of parents convinced. Especially, since it had the children shouting Ni Hao at the end of the event.

The orientation was scheduled on the backdrop of the Introduction of Chinese Language in the school since July for std 1st to 5th.

The programme was spearheaded by Mrs. Usha Sahoo, from Yeh China, Mumbai and Manisha Pathak outlined two aspects of learning Chinese, which is why learn Chinese and how to learn Chinese. It’s a known fact today that those who can speak Mandarin, Chinese get picked up by Corporates immediately. As for how to learn Chinese, she said the classroom teachings are through the unforgettable story-telling. Pictorial in nature, it is easy to learn and a lot of fun to go through. Though serious in nature, the method of learning is a lot of fun with the Chinese spelling bee.

We are a premier school in Maharashtra to introduce Chinese because we realize the importance of the two superpowers in Asia, India and China coming together in culture and language. It gives us an insight into the psyche of the migrant. We need to change in the changing world and we change with our children.

Our teacher Manisha is open to ideas and likes bringing new ideas to school. She also realized that children learn languages more easily than adults. So she chose to teach Chinese in our school. What makes her excel as a teacher is the fact that she makes the language simple, interesting and fun. She follows books and syllabus which have designed modules and curriculum for international certification.

Anvit Sir said that learning Chinese is definitely a lot of fun because it has symbols and pictures. It is also the language of tomorrow. Whether it is the language of opportunity or not is secondary. One should learn to enjoy learning it first.

Chinese is a new and difficult language made easy now with apt books and syllabus along with great trainers. USA has made Chinese compulsory in schools. That’s the changing face of the world. Imagination will fall short if we come to think of what will happen 10 years from now.


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