Clay Modelling Workshop

By: Mr. Madhav Khare & Mrs. Sunita Khare

Date: 19th, 20th and 21st February 2014

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Venue: P-18, Primary building, Ground floor, Millennium National School. Pune

Another feather in MASA’s cap will be the clay modelling workshop for parents who have already attended the foundation course for basic craftsmanship skills, conducted by Khare sir.

The idea will be to make a variety of clay work like, fruits, vehicles, candle stands, an assortment of animals and many more such creative things by using white clay.

Workshop Summary

– Shaping objects, reshaping abilities

Clay art has been an integral part of everyone’s childhood. As a painter fills life into his drawings, so does an artist, who gives shape and lends beautiful colours to the real-like miniatures.

A workshop designed to enhance artistic and aesthetic skills of parents, was the motive of the clay modelling workshop. Headed by Madhav and Sunita Khare, this workshop was immediately followed by the Craftsmanship Workshop, on 19th-21st February at the Millennium National School.

Parents were taught:
· Basic shapes
· Ways of handling and shaping
· Making combination of shapes/objects
· Giving colours to objects

Parents didn’t mind staining their hands with white clay and making the best shapes out of it. Some made penguins, turtles, ducks, Japanese dolls, bracelets, brinjals, snails, watermelons, candle stands, vehicles, animals and many more.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop as I regained my confidence into shaping and colouring objects. It helped me polish my aesthetic abilities. I am confident of guiding my children and students if I am to work as a resource person," said one of the enthusiastic parent.

Here is a list of participants of our workshop:
Anjali Athaley, Sayali Bompilwar, Varsha Dongre , Namita Gaikwad , Swati Jagdale, Shweta Japtiwale , Sonali Joshi , Anuradha Mandavgane , Pradnya Mendki , Asmita Nangre, Shilpa Pathak, Shilpa Prabhu , Pinki Shah , Vinay Udekar, Pranjali Undre , Amruta Vaidya, Rekha Bhintade, Ruta Chinchore, Ashwini Ajari, Pallavi Joshi.


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