DENA Bank Activity

As we all were gearing up for the annual ‘Fun Fair’ that took place on 25th of January, there was an interesting component added to this fun activity. To make all the participating students well-equipped for the future tasks and to hone their entrepreneur skills, the school with the support of the DENA Bank, Pune catered a loan amount ranging from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 2,000/- per stall, as per their requirement.


Std VIII students were chosen for the implementation of this idea. The notion was to create an awareness among the children about the loan process and getting to know banking terms like guarantor, interest calculation etc.

Moreover, the students had already cracked the Simple Interest problems in Math, so this served them an opportunity to apply the same technique for repayment of the loan amount along with the interest to the bank.

The students had to consider the following things before setting up the stall:

• Decide what kind of stall they want to put up.
• Think of a name for their Firm.
• Estimate the number of visitors to the fun fair and the number of visitors who might visit your stall.
• Calculate the budget that could be invested. And then in order to make certain percent profit, how much would be charge the visitors.
• The budget could be the proposed principal for loan.
• Keeping proper account of the sum borrowed, expenditure, and other cost incurred, sale and profit.


The bank set up a temporary office in our school on 22nd January between 11 am to 2 pm and sanctioned the loan amount.
On Monday, 27th January students were required to complete the bank transaction by repaying the loan amount along with 12% per annum simple interest to DENA BANK, temporary branch in the school premises.

Orientation of Std VIII students

Mrs. Vijaya Rathod, manager of the Dena Bank conducted an orientation programme for the students. She explained to them the banking concepts like Loan process, who is a guarantor?


The bank officials had also prepared a dummy loan form, which was distributed among students who required a loan.

During the Dena Bank activity,Mrs. Vijaya Rathod and Mr. Ajay Gupte questioned the children about their planned proposal, estimated cost sheet, how they assured to recover the amount and many more. Only after the bank officials were convinced, they would sanction the loan amount.

According to their observation, they noticed that the boys took greater interest in marketing their ideas and provided intelligent answers to the queries posed by the bank officials.

All in all the activity added the perfect combination of ‘fun with learning’ element.

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