It was a warm Saturday morning, the hall was been occupied gradually by the parents and students, there was a slight buzz in the air, curiosity was at its peak and here came the announcement – A state-of-art gymnastics centre for Millennium kids and parents!! Wow, echoed the audience.

It was quite an unexpected proclamation, when Anvit Phatak asked parents to vote or veto the idea of a gymnastics centre at school, the entire strength in the hall favoured the big idea!

International coach and former national champion Ajit Jarande’s talk on Gymnastics- an ultimate recreation for all ages, left the audience convinced and mesmerized at the same time.

Enthusiasm built-up among parents and students when a variety of videos on toddler gymnastics, recreational gymnastics for pre-school, adult gymnastics and competitive gymnastics were shown to them.

Various programmes introduced to the parents were:

1. Toddler gymnastics:
Age group- 18 months to 3 years old.
Basic focus on developing motor abilities in children. Coaches will coach through the parents i.e. gymnasts will be assisted by their parents. Emphasis will be on fun, enjoyment and relationship building. It will involve simple exercises with parents.

2. Pre-school recreational:
Children in the age group 4 – 6/7 years old.
Introduction to Basic Gymnastics skills like tumbling on apparatus like Vault, Floor and Bars. It will be made fun and enjoyable through various games and circuits with multiple activities.
Main focus – to develop movement skills and competence.

3. Competitive gymnastics:
Level wise training from Level 1 to Level 10.
Side by side competing in District, State, National and International level in Men and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Focus is to provide progressively challenging Gymnastics programs.

4. Gym for other sports:
Gymnastics helps other sports like Tennis, Cricket, Skating etc. (or any other game) by developing their specific skill like twisting, stretching or strengthening a specific muscle, necessary for their sports.

5. Adult gymnastics:
Designed for people interested in learning basic tumbling skills and to develop their overall fitness. Also, catering to people who like adventurous and out of box activities.

Prior to our actual programme on Gymnastics, volunteers and the MASA team went through class to class to create an awareness for the event.

Toddlers having a fun time with Mr. Ajit Jarande, during class visit.

On the dais, (from left to right ) Mr. Ajit Jarande, Mr. Anvit Phatak and Ms. Manasi Karmarkar

The hall was packed with curious and attentive parents

Ajit Jarande stressed on the advantages of the art of calisthenics:

* Develop physical fitness
* Gain confidence
* Build Courage
* Self-discipline
* Improves concentration
* Awareness in social life
* Nurturing friendships
* Build teamwork
* Develop and increase flexibility
* Increasing mental strength
* Motor skill development

Mr. Jarande, not only assured the parents of a well-equipped Gymnastics centre with all latest and best equipment’s, but also of providing appropriate safety measures.

Mr. Jarande is a recipient of the Shiv Chhatrapti Puraskar in 1993-94. He is a Certified Fitness Trainer at the International Sports Science Association in USA and a British Gymnastics Qualified Coach.

Millennium National School dreams of a fitness pro institution, where everyone will be part of an imminent gymnastics centre, with talented and competent coaches, who will strive for the best!


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