5 Simple steps for registering for an event/workshop on MASA – For new member (From Millennium school or outside)

1. If you are a new member on MASA, click REGISTER tab (on the www.myshala.com/masa page) and enter your basic details in the form. Please fill in the required fields (*)

2. On the successful fill up of the form, you will get an email confirming your registration on MASA.

3. Open your registered email inbox and click on the link provided by the MASA team. To complete the process of registration you need to click back on the link, otherwise, your registration remains pending.

4. After you click to confirm, in a few minutes, you will get another email from MASA team, generating your unique MASA id – for e.g.– MASA1120

5. Enter this MASA id once you login and enter the password which you had entered during the fill up of the form. Once you see your name in the right most corner of the website, clearly indicates that you are registered!

* Very IMP: You have now completed the registration process. The process of registration is incomplete if you do not book your seat in the particular event/ workshop/sport. You are requested to book your seat in the interested workshop/ event by following the few steps given below.

Check points for activity/event registration:

1. Once you are registered, login with your unique MASA id on this url : www.myshala.com/masa
2. Please click on the specific activity, like Maadhyam Theatre workshop in the given table and go to 'READ MORE' about it.
3. After you are through with the Date, Time, Age, Fee, Venue and Conducted by details and are convinced to join the activity, then select appropriate event, time, batch & dates . After filling all the details; you need to CLICK on the 'I WANT TO ATTEND' button.
4. Soon after this, you will get a notification email on your registered email id, which will confirm your participation in the specific activity.
5. Next step is payment. Without full payment your participation will be deemed invalid. You need to put the exact amount in a sealed and a thoroughly filled envelope. (Name, class, ref no, activity & MASA id)
6. Kindly do not submit soiled and torn currency notes.
7. Handover the envelope at the Fee counter (near reception entrance) to Sayali Madam.
8. The timings for Summer Camp 2015 fee collection is 9.30 am to 4.30 pm (Mon- Fri), 9 am to 12 noon on Sat. Sunday the school office will remain closed.
9. We request your co-operation in following these simple steps for a better and efficient service by Team Millennium.

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