Kite Making, Flying

Fun event on kites making and flying

Kite Making, Flying

Date :
12th Jan. 2014, 03:30 pm to 06:00 pm
Venue :
Millennium National School. Pune

About Event

In the state-of-art technology living, we forget about many smaller joys that are present in the surrounding world. We tend to miss out on the traditional, inexpensive yet fun toys. Taking the opportunity of the approaching festival of Makar Sankranti, we planned a workshop on kite making and flying.

For once Team Millennium thought, why not call the students on a Sunday for a kite flying workshop? The circular rolled out and students registered in good numbers. We organized the workshop on 12th January, 2014 in the badminton hall.

Kite making and flying teaches kids a lot about aerodynamics. Flying a kite requires arm strength and good reflexes. Kites have been used for various purposes like measuring distances, testing the wind, lifting loads, signaling and communication for military operations!

Benefits of kite making and flying:

· Kite flying re-generates energy, reduces stress and tensions.
· Making and flying a kite develops creative thinking, increases concentration and craft skills.
· Kite flying is a low budget, safe and environment-friendly recreation.
· It is also good for the health of eyes.
· They say, kite flying can even avoid cervical and spinal diseases common in people doing desk jobs!

Millennium National School conducted this workshop in association with Shastravahini.
Every participating child got one fighter kite, and also got to make a pocket kite and a diamond kite. The students were taught the science behind the flying of a kite. They were shown various types of kites. The children flew the kites that were prepared by them.
The thrill on their faces was visible enough for their parents who had come to pick them up after the workshop.


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