In a distinct land of serpents

It is a proven fact that snakes are farmer’s friends, as they eat the rats and mice from the farm, which would otherwise eat the farmer’s grain. These are those essential pieces of information that we have grown up with, but tend to forget in the course of time. Once we are confronted by a snake, the first reaction is to kill the reptile.

A brief awareness programme on the life of serpents threw some light on our apprehensions and fears on 21st February in our school.

Mr. Atul Sawakhande, a snake friend who, along with his team visited Millennium National School to show us a presentation on the topic, 'In a distinct land of serpents'. They educated the students on a variety of snakes, it’s importance in our nature, their behavioural patterns in the environment and what sort of first aid to be provided when a snake bites.

During the presentation, many beliefs and blind faiths that we happen to imbibe in our daily lives were cleared by him. Like, the belief that snakes drink milk during Nagpanchami, or they get charmed by the ‘pungi’, a musical instrument, on which they tend to dance were rubbished by Mr. Sawakhande.

He urged the students to be extra careful when they go out for hiking or nature strolls. They must be alert and learn to identify different types of serpents and their cautionary sounds.

Mr. Sawakhande informed that, “According to a study, 60% of medicines in India are prepared from snake venom. Of all the snakes found in India, only 4 to 5 species of snakes are venomous, other are not. The Cobra, Russell viper, Krait are among venomous snakes. Non venomous species are around 200. We need to learn to identify venomous snakes and what treatment to give after the snake bite. A snake never bites proactively, he bites when he is induced.”

At the end of the session, the team members presented a demonstration of the first aid to be given at the time of a snake bite and answered many curious questions of the kids.


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