Millennium Chef

Would you be able to cook tasty food

Millennium Chef

Date :
28th Jan. 2014, 03:30 pm to 06:00 pm
Venue :
School Canteen, Millennium National School. Pune

Know How it was

Millennium After School Activities (MASA) conducted a fun culinary workshop named ‘Millennium Chef’ on 28th January in the school canteen.

Millennium Chef

This one was for our V standard students. The idea behind organizing a non-evaluative workshop was to hone the skills of the participating students while they prepare a dish of their choice.

Millennium Chef

For the purpose, a vegetable vendor was arranged to provide children with fresh vegetables for their respective dishes. The dishes were keenly concentrating on the health benefits rather than falling under the category of fast food.

Millennium Chef

Cooking connoisseurs were invited to preside over the workshop. Our school mentor Mrs. Smita Deshpande, Educator at Shastravahini Mrs. Sunita Khare, Former winner of Pune Kitchen Queen Contest, Mrs. Pradnya Mahajan and our very own teacher and co-ordinator of Pre-primary section, Mrs. Rakhi Tanawade were the eminent guests. These four master chef’s supervised their respective teams from orientation till the final presentation of the dish.

Each of the guests were asked to prepare their selected dishes and start with the tasting process for the participating children.

The dishes prepared on the day of the workshop were:

Millennium Atta Pizza

Rakhi Tanawade

Frankie Bhulbhulaiya

Pradnya Mahajan

Indie Pasta

Sunita Khare

Veg Nutri Tikka

Smita Deshpande

The students were super excited as to what would come their way while at the workshop. They posed curious questions like, "I have the recipe for Indie Pasta already in my mind. Can I prepare it?", "Can we get our aprons for cooking?", "I am not scared of the gas, and can I switch it on?"

Millennium Chef

24 students participated and teams were divided into four, leaving six in a team. The children learned to pick out fresh veggies, to round off the total amount and wash the vegetables neatly before using it for cooking. They also got acquainted on the feature of bargaining in bulk quantities.

Millennium Chef

The students were given choices of the four dishes earlier and they got to cook their favourite dishes from the options given. Students switched on the gas, cut veggies in an order, made pizza bases, kneaded the dough and even made chapatis for pasta!

Millennium Chef

Later, the students were seen finishing up the dishes prepared by them. They rejoiced the sense of achievement and flaunted the dishes in front of their parents. The invited guests were given a token of our love by Mrs. Neha Phatak.

Millennium Chef

Keep watching this space for an interesting Millennium chef contest announcement coming up soon...


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