Millenium School of Table Tennis

Millennium Pioneers the Table Tennis scene in Pune

Striking a balance in academics and sports is always a challenging task for students, more so for their parents, who are left juggling from school to table tennis arenas.

Keeping in mind the vision of the school, of nurturing the students to excel both in academics and sports, Millennium National School introduced the Millennium School of Table Tennis for its students for the first time in Pune, on 20th September, 2014.

The classes are for Recreational and Competitive Table Tennis and are piloted in association with top seed players like Rohit Chaudhuri. We have a very dedicated team of teachers who are working yet willing to give their time to coaching, simply for the love of the sport.

We witnessed a smashing performance by top seed players during the launch of the event on Saturday at 9.30 am in Dr. Sudheer Phatak Memorial Hall. We also got to hear some amazing anecdotes from International player Aniket Koparkar, G.Nadagauda, veteran player, National medallist Devika Bhide and currently state ranker, Sanat Bokil our very own student who graced the occasion. There were superb demos of basic strokes which were conducted with great expertise. The demo with the robot machine was particularly interesting.

What we understood about Table Tennis, also called ping pong, is that it’s the most popular indoor game. It’s a fast, exciting and intense game involving high energy and concentration, which can be played by all ages. It builds self-confidence, team spirit and you make friends while travelling. Not to forget, that it’s the greatest stress buster. All in all, it involves flexibility and focus, which does wonders for the physical fitness and building the mental strength of players.

There was a video show, a discussion on the rubber racquets and a very interactive Q&A session. Anvit Sir in his speech said that he was giving an opportunity to students to play Table Tennis and they should try it out for the fun of it.

The school will provide coaching to potential players from 1st October in their convenient after-school timings of 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm, for five days a week, split into three batches at a nominal rate of 1500 per month.

The aim of the school is to provide an in-house table tennis academy so as to inculcate a sense of sportsmanship among students and further train them for competitive grooming by providing cutting edge coaching.

Table Tennis is the cheapest game that teaches you instantly. No wonder it’s the most popular indoor sport. The demo got the parents excited and involved throughout the programme. Now the ball is in our court so let’s get into the full swing of things and register on http://myshala.com/tabletennis/


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