Science Project Workshop

At Shastravahini – “We do not TEACH anything but students LEARN from us”. Because it is a known fact that no one can teach unless a student is willing to learn! Thus it is necessary that students LEARN with interest and curiosity.

In these Science workshops, students will be motivated to LEARN on their own. Resource Persons will be there to help them LEARN!

They will make many interesting drawings, stencil work, simple toys and also bind the books, make notebooks, make boxes, make model houses and puzzles etc. In short they will LEARN many things in an interesting way. In the process, they will master the techniques of handling simple tools, understand use of various materials and use of adhesives – the Fundamental need for making anything worthwhile.

This program further extends to three more levels – this is the first level. Each year, student can escalate to the next level.

The fundamentals of mechanics i.e. balance and equilibrium, oscillations, vibrations, rotations etc. are learned.

Then basics of optics and optical instruments and electricity and electrical instruments are covered in the further two levels, combined with mechanics. By then, the child is capable of handling most of practical work on his own.

Last date for registration of this event is 15-July-2014. Fees for joining the workshop for the entire year is Rs. 2,200/- payable by Cheque only drawn in the name of Shastravahini payable at par in Pune.

Timetable :

July August September November December January '15 February '15 Total
19 9,30 13,27 8,15,29 6,13 10,31 14,28 14 Saturdays

Details :

Start Date End Date Timing Standards Fee Venue Conducted By
19-July-2014 28-February-2015 2 p.m. to 5 p.m 5th Rs. 2200/- Classrooms Shastravahini
Step - 1
Step - 2
Step - 3


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