Training in Basic Craftsmanship Skills

For our Parent Resource Persons

Aim : To develop the adult persons (age 18 onwards) as a Resource person for imparting the craftsmanship skills to the younger generation.

Method : The adults will undergo about 24 to 30 hours of classroom work in craftsmanship skills in Geometry, Geometrical drawings, designing etc. using geometrical instruments, cutting skills in using Scissors, cutter etc. and cutting shapes and designs, learn the pasting methods to make the objects etc. and then understand how this is to be used to train the school children.

We got a tremendous response from Millennium parents for our first workshop of parent resource persons conducted by Khare sir.
Our second weekend batch for the Foundation course is starting for those parents, who missed out on the first!
So, hurry! Register ASAP!
Volunteer Training

Date : 9, 16, 22, 23rd March 2014, 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
Venue : Millennium National School. Pune
Fee : Rs. 800/- (enclose the fees in an envelope bearing your Event name, MASA id, email, your name.)
Last date : 08th March 2014
Registration : All the parents of the school are invited. You need to register for the event.

Foundation course in craftsmanship skills – Parenting Workshop

At the fag-end of the schools’ annual gathering in the first week of February, the announcement of Craftsmanship skill workshop for parents brought many curious questions to us. Parents asked Team Millennium, as to what could be our benefit from this workshop?

As the day of the workshop approached, many parents registered at the very first parenting workshop which was presided over by Madhav and Sunita Khare, trustees at Shastravahini.

The six day training workshop for parents in basic craftsmanship skills, was organized by Millennium After School Activities (MASA) wing. It was conducted on February 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 17th & 18th. The activity focused on honing the basic skills required to do any project, like handling of materials and tools.

Parents were taught importantly four aspects:

Drawing exercises comprised of drawing straight lines, curvatures, geometrical instrument handling, and geometrical designs.
Cutting included, handling of scissors and cutters, stencil designing and cutting, decorative frills, axial symmetry, fan folding symmetry.
Structure involved in designing pen stands, thick material cutting, making thermocol box that could contain 27 thermocol cubes.
Toys consisted of making simple science toys using paper, straws, sticks and other reusable material.





At the end of the workshop, when Khare sir announced his next workshop on clay modelling, a dozen parents already registered themselves for it.

The parents looked thrilled and their eyes were sparkling with a deep sense of achievement. Some were housewives, some were Infotech professionals, tutors who sincerely attended the six day workshop and explored a whole new world of creativity.

A parent stated, "It was an eye-opener for me. Things that we do so casually like cutting, pasting, drawing needs a deeper thought and appropriate scientific approach. We are taking back so many valuable ideas, that, we will impart them to our children and their friends too."

They were grateful to Millennium National School for organising such resourceful programmes.

Here is a list of parents who were the proud participants of our workshop:
Anjali Athaley, Lalita Wakde, Bagul Reshma , Madhuri & Sanjay Bal, Sayali Bompilwar, Uma Damle, Ashwini Deodhar , Varsha Dongre , Namita Gaikwad , Rashmi Lokegaonkar , Ameeta Garje, Sreelekha Gohad , Dipti Gujar, Anuradha Inamdar , Swati Jagdale, Shweta Japtiwale , Sonali Joshi , Atul Kadam , Suvarna Karmalkar, Anuradha Mandavgane , Pradnya Mendki , Asmita Nangre, Anagha Patankar, Girish & Shilpa Pathak, Shilpa Prabhu , Salil Randive, Pinki Shah , Vinay Udekar, Pranjali Undre , Amruta Vaidya, Vasumati Dixit and Pranita Yatnalkar.


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