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Tug of war finals – What a day!

We had the finals of the tug of war inter house competition on Monday, 22nd July 2013. It was an emotion packed day for participants and viewers alike. Warriors  from 4th to 9th fought and enjoyed the sport. Students were very excited and charged-up even before reaching the battlefield. The real battlefield, that is our badminton hall, scored very high on the energy-meter. 🙂 Students were sitting according to houses with a member waving the house flag vigorously in front of the group. The matches were conducted very efficiently, one after the other. Some victories were very quick while some took longer. Every few minutes, the hall shook with loud yays and heavy sighs. The rejoicing students were a treat to watch! The teams who lost were also encouraged to discuss the reasons of the defeat. They worked out some strategies and their performance indeed improved.

The lower standards had clear and quicker results. Higher classes had tougher and longer fights. It was interesting to see how the teachers and the audience too got involved in every match. We also had teachers vs boys matches which provided motivation to all. Finally Anvit sir, too, fought from the students’ side, but lost to the teachers’ team. His involvement and reaction to defeat in itself was a morale booster for our warriors.

Some students were playing the game for the first time and were very happy to share the strategies that they had thought of and implemented.  Along with sports skills, the entire event was also a lesson in unity, team spirit, healthy enjoyment, respect for teachers, sportsman spirit, learning from seniors etc to name some.

The standard-wise scores were as below –


Green house scored the highest points in tug of war, followed very closely by the rest 3 houses.

Kudos to all !!


Department of Sports

Vijayan, Anand and Ramdas


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