Millennium National School
Millennium proudly celebrates another year of 100% Class 10 result. 111 students out of 197 have scored above 90%.

School Toppers
Tanvi Kulkarni - 98.2%
Nidhi Kondejkar - 98%
Dhruv Aggarwal and Mitra Barve - 97.8

Subject Toppers
English - Tanvi Kulkarni and Nidhi Kondejkar - 99/100
Sanskrit - 17 students scored 100/100
Marathi - Anagha Deshmukh, Akash Bhade and Yadnesh Chhatre - 99/100
Maths - Tejal Kulkarni, Siddhant Tonapi, Tanvi Kulkarni, Mitra Barve and Dhruv Aggarwal - 100/100
Science - Tejal Kulkarni - 100/100
Social Science - Akash Bhade, Bhagwati Iyer, Ankit Bhade, Simar Sharma and Chinmayee Gokhale 99/100

  • Heartiest congratulations to all the STD 12 students and teachers for a commendable 100% result. Almost 50% students have secured 85% and above.
    School topper - Naman Gupta 97.4%
    Second rank - Aishwarya Belgali - 96.2%
    Third rank - Raghav Paranjape - 95.6%
    Subject Toppers
    English - Purva Unde - 98/100
    Maths - Naman Gupta and Aishwarya Belgali - 99/100
    Physics - Naman Gupta - 99/100
    Chemistry - Aishwarya - 96/100
    Biology - Raghav and Rinal Bagadiya - 98/100
    Computer Science - Naman Gupta - 100/100

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    School Overview

    Millennium National School is a CBSE affiliated school based in Karvenagar, Pune. We provide excellent sports and hobby options
    to choose from along with provision of healthy, nutritious meals making it a unique school with day boarding facilities.
    Their academics and activities are well managed. Our goal is to not create bookworms, but to have all-round and
    well developed leaders, who will be good human beings, and will work towards
    our country’s growth. We conform to the government and court laden rules for providing mandatory education to all.

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