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My child is born in days later than the deadline. Can I still admit my child?
The cut off dates are December 31st each year. The cut-off only applies till grade 1. To enter grade 2, your child has to pass grade 1, for grade 6, he has to have passed grade 5. So, this question is only for children in Standard 1 or pre-primary sections. Kindly refer to the Maharashtra Govt. GR . If your child is underage as per the GR, no worries. Try next year.

We are seeking admission (eg. class 5) in your school. What is the process?
We offer admissions only against the vacancies. You can visit the school and enter your details in the waiting list after January or send an email on If there is a vacancy created, we will get back to you. You can contact us in the first week of March.

Is mid-term admission possible?
Yes, if there is vacancy available, we give the mid-term admission.

Can we secure next year’s admission for higher classes right now / in advance?
No. As we said admissions happen only against vacant seats and that we come to know around end of April. So this is not possible.

When does the school conduct admission tests?
Admission tests are not conducted but level readiness check after prior appointment for other than Nursery. If you are interested in securing a slot, please contact the school office. No level readiness check for admission in Nursery.

What are the documents required for admission?
Please click here to know about the documents required at the time of admission.

What are the school timings?
The preschool section runs in many different shifts. Usually if you need transport service then your preschool shift is adjusted based on the timing of transport available in your area. After preschool, there are no shifts, the whole class comes in and goes out at the same time. However different standards may have different in and out timings.

Board, Syllabus and Academics

Up to what grade is the school?
The Millennium learning center is run by Pragatipath Educational Foundation.
The school runs from Class 1 to Class 12.

What board is the school affiliated to?
Millennium National School has been given affiliation by the Central Board of Secondary Education.
Affiliation no. is 1130547.

Which syllabus does the school follow?
The school follows curriculum prescribed and prepared by CBSE board.

Which text books does the school follow?
The school follows NCERT textbooks for classes 1 onwards. There are no prescribed textbooks for Kindergarten. The school has its own curriculum designed for Kindergarten. Similarly for Std 1 and 2 as there are no textbooks prescribed by CBSE for EVS, the school has designed and developed its own curriculum.

What is the average class size and what is the mechanism for student feedback, parent/teacher meetings etc?
The class strength is around 40 per division from Std 1 onwards.

Since the school is CBSE, is learning Hindi compulsory since Kindergarten?
CBSE recognizes and emphasizes on learning mother tongue over any other language. Learning Hindi from Kindergarten is not mandatory as per CBSE.

Which languages will our children be learning upto class 10?
Std 1 to 4 – English and Marathi
Std 5 to 8 – English, Marathi and Hindi
Std 9 & 10 – English, Marathi

What is the orientation? Is it ok if I miss it?
The orientation takes place at the beginning of every school year. The Millennium Team gives general instructions on what to expect in the following year and mentions the important events, exams etc. The bus drivers are also present there to confirm that they have got your address right and tell you what time the bus would be arriving and where to wait for it. The class teachers distribute ID cards which have to be worn everyday from day one. So we urge you not to miss the orientation.

For parents coming from outside Maharashtra

I want to move back to India. What is a good time span to do so with respect to my child’s education and adjustment?
The earlier the better. Marathi gets introduced in Std. 1, Hindi in Std. 5. Languages may be the biggest hurdle that your child will face to adjust to the education system here. However, do not lose hope if you decide to come later. We gradually introduce languages to elder kids, so that they get in tune with the other kids in a year or two. Being with classmates, who speak these languages fluently, also helps the children. For your kids, other than the change in school, weather, food, water, air, neighbours, people, and housing is going to be different. All you need to have is patience for the transition. We are patient with kids – you need to be patient too.

My child’s 7 year growth was in US and I am a bit concerned about his getting adjusted to Marathi communication. We speak Marathi at home so this should not be a major problem but reading /writing Marathi are new things to my child. Does he need to take special classes?
Marathi starts in Std 1 where it is mostly oral and visual learning upto class 2. We teach simple letters in Std 3 and joint (jodakshar) in Std 4. Children start reading and writing small sentences by the end of 3rd Std. Hindi gets introduced from Std. 5 onwards. Anybody joining in 3rd would not need to take special classes. Communication in the school is in English. We have quite a few students who are either US citizens or have stayed there for 3-4 years and they have adjusted to the school very well and are extremely happy.

My child is born and brought up in a foreign country. We now want to move back, and want to admit my child into the 5th/6th standard. I am a bit concerned about him adjusting to the education system in India. Can you help us with this issue?
For your kids, just like the change in weather, food, water, air, neighbours, people, and housing, school is also going to be different. All you need to have is patience for the transition. We are patient with kids. As you probably know, the schooling system here is quite different from the schooling system elsewhere. As for subjects, Maths and Science will be of a higher level. History, Geography will be obviously very different. Languages will be different. English Grammar is quite extensive here, so be in touch with us to get a list of topics your child can start going through. For Marathi, the child will take some time to cope up, and gradually by the 7th or the 8th grade will be at par with the other children. Hindi starts in 5th and has the same Devnagari script as Marathi – so will not be much problem. We don’t give children a lot of homework on weekdays, so the kids can come home and relax and spend time with their family. We try to make the transition easy on the kids. Our water is very clean. The food served isn’t oily and spicy. We are patient with the kids. Our experience is that the kids take a few weeks to a few months to adjust. In this period, it is very important for the parents to keep their patience and be very encouraging.

Transport and other amenities

Does the school offer transport facility? Upto what distance can transport be provided?
Yes it is available within 5/6 km range but for the further details you have to contact in person at the time of admission.

Is it compulsory to take the Transport service?
Absolutely not. Transport service is optional. If you choose not to avail of it, please let us know that you are opting out of it.

I will appreciate it if I can get a brief overview about what is offered as add on amenities other than transport.
Add on amenities are offered for class 1 to 10.

Gymkhana facility – School offers additional sports facilities. Click here to know sports offered for each standard which the students may opt for. From Std 3 onwards children can choose and play one elective sport.

Multi Dimensional Learning Assessment – School offers various additional hobbies. Click here to know hobbies offered for each standard which the students may opt for. From Std 3 onwards students are given choice for selecting hobbies.

Canteen facility – The food that children eat in the school is not spicy or oily. The ingredients are of the best quality and high level of cleanliness is maintained. The preschoolers get a snack, children from Std 1 get a balanced lunch and snack in the school. The food menu rotates fortnightly. Secondary section students get an additional snack and a glass of milk as well.

Can we opt for only food or only sports out of the amenities provided?
Add on amenities are offered for class 1 to 10. Parents can choose to avail amenities as an entire integrated program. Food, sports and other amenities cannot be availed of separately.


What are the fees for Nursery?
Fee for Nursery is Rs. 84100/- for the year 2024-25.
You will need to pay additionally Rs. 30000/- as caution money deposit and Rs. 30000/- towards one time Admission fee.
Above school fees does not includes transport / uniform charges, external exam fees.

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