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A Funfilled DahiHandi Celebration

They are the Krishnas..Gopis…Radhas…yes, they are our little students from Kg section as well as Std. I & II that have made this DahiHandi Celebration at Millennium, an occasion of fun and frolic, music and cheer!



Known for the human pyramid structures, symbolizing team spirit and strength in unity, the auspicious yet truly festive spirit of DahiHandi is celebrated throughout our country. It is an age old tradition with us Indians, who love to enjoy this celebration with our friends and achieve our common goals in the form of the Handi.

The young students of Millennium also enjoyed this cultural fest on Monday, 3rd September, along with their friends as they moved to the beats of the music ‘Govinda Ala Re Ala…’.


The charming stories of Little Krishna of Gokul, told by the teachers along with the colourful decoration added a festive backdrop to the soaring spirits of all.

Every young one, dressed in the finery of traditional dresses (some complete with a peacock feather headband as well) was glowing with the expectation of participating in the human pyramid and the little ones who were lucky enough to reach for the Handi- with the help of the Staff- grinned with glee as the puffed rice got poured all over their friends….

An occasion to be cherished for its gaiety and high spirits, our children were the very picture of innocent radiance not only as they held hands with their buddies or tasted the Prasad of puffed rice and sugar burst but also as they bestowed dimpled smiles, on any one who was lucky enough to catch their eye!!

Shravan Celebrations Galore

Fifth month of the solar year, ‘Shravan’ is a holy month dedicated to spiritual practices and religious offerings. It marks the onset of a new moon and is the beginning of Sun’s transition into Leo zodiac.

Shravan – full of colorful festivities is also a time to celebrate for our little ones in the Kg section! Especially Raksha-bandhan, NaraliPornima and Nag Panchmi etc. which were celebrated in full zest this August.
The festival of Rakshabandhan, dedicated to brothers and sisters and celebrating the bond of affection was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to flaunt self-made Rakhis with their friends. The entire experience itself was planned with scope for creativity and creating cultural awareness along with a thought for the development of the motor skills of the young ones.



Which festival is complete without sweets?-Well, not for us… So, the little children did enjoy the occasion as they munched on NaralBarfis i.e. – an appropriate treat for the celebration of NaraliPornima as well, as they listened to the information about ‘Shriphal’ – Naral in Marathi and Coconut in English with its special qualities and importance. The teachers also shared with them the importance of NaraliPornima especially for the Fishermen community-and how, after the monsoon months, they start out for fishing after offering puja and Naral to the Ocean God.

Similarly, Nag Panchami celebration also created fond memories as the little ones made colourful paper snakes. They decorated the abode of the majestic and graceful Snakes -the Varul models, which greeted all at the kg entrance. The decoration in the classes matched the festive sparkle and enthusiasm in the little ones as they listened to the stories told by their teachers about Kaliya mardan- the fight between Lord Krishna and the terrible Kaliya Nag (Snake)- one can very well imagine the amazement in their eyes when the story reached the climax in which Lord Krishna emerged as the victor and danced on its head!



A Fanciful Treat

Season’s Greetings and a warm welcome to the fanciful land of the little ones from our KG Section..

The teacher announced the next participant. A little one dressed as the toothpaste strutted on to the stage. Asking the audience to take care of their teeth in a singsong voice, he awarded the audience with a brilliant smile!



Yes friends, this was the Celebration of ideas, of pretty faces and fanciful attires- The much awaited and coveted ‘Fancy Dress Celebration’!



A perfect opportunity of combining learning with fun as well as developing confidence in the young ones, this was one thrilling experience for all the students to walk onto the stage and speak in front of an audience. Be it a favourite character or planet or legends from India and abroad, it was an adventure for one and all. Coupled with a special gift for all, the little people took the spotlight in a stride. Their cheery demeanor and composure said a lot about the future yet to come.

Perfectly planned by the teachers and equally supported by the parents, it was an occasion worth adoring by any onlooker.

Undoubtedly a treat, this celebration aced it all as a little Kg student, dressed up as the planet Saturn, glibly told about many-a-planets from our Solar System including Venus, Jupiter etc. The passion he showed was reconfirmed by his parents who mentioned his initiative in getting information on this topic- in fact telling them about facts unknown even to them!!

Independence day celebration-kg

KG Section
Believing that in every child there lies the adult that will be, the Independence Day celebration for the KG Section Dt. 13th August 2018 was organized in a very informative yet interesting manner this year.


Decorated with dashing and thrilling patriotic stories of the freedom struggle, the non-violence movement and sprinkled with the information about the great Indian Heroes like Sachin Tendulkar, Honorable Ex-President of India APJ Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawala, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj etc, the teachers ensured a treat for the little students. Even the youngest of the lot looked impressed as they listened to the story of the Childhood of Bal Gangadhar Tilak when he stood upto injustice and refused to throw away the groundnut shells!



The invigorating display of our national heritage, the Taj Mahal, the information about the Independence Day Celebration at the Red Fort, Delhi, our National Flag, National Anthem and National Emblem created an ambience of thoughtful reverie.

Moreover, the colorful pictures of tri-colour smiles and related craft activities taken in the classes were the perfect setting for the National pride of the little ones as they sang patriotic songs – ‘Sare Jahan se accha’ and Baalveer Mi Bhartiya Sainik’…

My Avenues: Research Field as a Career Option

The session of ‘My Avenues’ conducted on 16th August 2018 opened a new window of aspirations for our students. In a special interaction with Mr. Rajan Walve, a consultant of the career prospects in the field of Research, this session provided a clear and comprehensive view to the young aspirants.

The most innovative, the most challenging field for the committed people- the students holding the passion to lead the journey from the unknown to known, from ignorance to knowledge -is ‘the field of Research’. Mr. Walve’s message of grit and perseverance kick started this interactive session. Moving on to the list of competitive exams as access points for students interested in pursuing a career in research- after Std XII or the bachelor’s degree, he gave information about KVPY, NEST, NISER etc.



He also mentioned that the research career is for the passionate ones with ingrained sincerity and self-motivation. Besides, he put special emphasis on concept clarity and self-made notes to be maintained regularly.
This field of career is the future of our country and the entire world- it is the dedication of the scientists that leads humankind to newer heights- a lucrative career for the deserving, it is an evolving field with financial aid(if required) offered by the government, he said.

Igniting minds with a promise to guide any enthusiastic student on his/her way to the Research Career, Mr. Walve concluded this session- making way for the young students to explore this prestigious and elite way of life!

…Towards a Green World…

‘Green’ was the word for the day when our students from Std. IX, XI & XII participated in the ‘Seed- ball making’ Activity on the 21st&22nd of this month.

The team from Maharashtra Vriksha Sanvardhan Samiti and Vriksha Bhishi including Ms. Shreeya Nachare and Ms. Preeti Edgaonkar with their associates started off the session by a brief introduction of the objective of the present activity and their overall work for the cause of environment conservation- Just the highlights of the mammoth task undertaken by their NGO.



This was followed by the practical of the students preparing the Seed balls as per the given instructions. Every student mixed the required ingredients- Black soil and Manure/Cowdung along with two or three seeds of trees like Ritha, Amaltara, Tamarind, Laburnum(Bahava) etc. and made small balls with it. These balls would then be kept to dry out only to be scattered on hills or empty spaces later.

The entire activity was a huge success as one could say- Just a small ball made of black soil, manure and some seeds was actually the promise every child held in his hand for a Green World to come…

In Honour of Our Motherland- India

Enjoying the light drizzle on the morning of our 72nd Independence Day this year, the students savored every moment of the National Day Celebration in our School premises.

The perfectly coordinated all-girls parade set the stage for the patriotic winds rustling through the greenery on the hilltop. The national flag was hoisted by our Chief Guest, Mr. Nilesh Mohite, Vice Chairperson of our PTA- Executive Committee, followed by the National Anthem. The beautiful notes of ‘Vande Mataram’ sung by our school choir enhanced the spirit of our national integrity, the pride and delight of our identity as Indians. The beautiful lyrics of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay did remind us all of the divine motherland we have been blessed with. The live music with its innovative interludes was a treat for all. Ved Godbole playing the flute, Aditya Ramdasi on the Cajon box and Yash Wani on the Synthesizer blended the age old patriotic fervor with a refreshing dash of new talent. It felt as if the music spoke about the legacy -that we all need to honour and preserve- rubbing shoulders with India today!



The celebration was not just over for the students of Std VI to VIII as they headed towards the Badminton Hall for a visit to ‘Incredible India’….

The cherry on the icing was this unconventional and interactive session of Team ‘Being Jigyasu’ lead by Mr. Rajat, Mr. Prakhar and Mr. Siddhant in the role of students discussing about our Motherland- before and after Independence. Starting with the importance of 15th August as our Independence Day, they took the audience with them in this enlightening journey with glimpses of many-a-milestones along the way.

The twists and turns in this journey were witnessed by our young students with the help of videos and pictures related. The ‘tryst with Destiny’ from the first speech of the Prime Minister of free India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, brought back the dreams of young India. The various incidents of strife with our neighbouring countries, the brilliant military strategy of Air Marshal Sam Manekshaw, the grit and determination of our army protecting our borders, the reality of Kashmir as a part of India to the great accomplishments in nuclear research, the successes of Isro in Space Research & Technology—The ‘Being Jigyasu’ Team achieved the mammoth task of creating a panoramic view of Indian existence along with discussing present issues like Poverty, Cleanliness etc.

With their direct approach on the subject -combining drama with audio-visual aids, one could see the way they reached out to the students of modern India, who in turn held the potential to reach out to the stars!


Rendezvous with Real Life Heroes

It was a special treat for our students to meet real life heroes in this session of ‘My Avenues’ on Wednesday, 1st August. One, an icon for the youth aspiring for a daring and powerful career and the other, an inspiration for the students who wish to cut across the social strata and achieve success in life.

The awe inspiring rendezvous with the Chief Guest, IPS Officer A.S. Takwale had everyone in raptures as he revealed his daring and thrilling experiences in a very honest and straightforward manner. Not only did the Super cop share his real life experiences at his 20 postings through the last eight years but also explained the study methods that the students could use to crack various competitive exams.

The students were completely taken in by a simple yet very important success mantra of ‘Honesty in all your work-whether it is your job, duty or studies’!- Aishwarya Shah, std XII exclaimed, “ The study method of revising before meals or before bedtime seems very practical and feasible and I am surely going to try it out. They are words of wisdom earned through experience…” Mihir Rajwade and Saket Sabane from Std XII added, “Takwale Sir recommended studying the NCERT Text Books thoroughly instead of referring to multiple resource books- which takes off much of the stress as well as streamlines our efforts for the expected success.”


Our other Guest for the occasion was ‘real-reel life hero’, an inspiration to many a stories ornamenting the Silver Screen. Mr. Siddharth Zagade shared his dramatic life journey which started in a small village near holy place, Jejuri in Maharashtra, with many twists and turns reached the pinnacle of a very successful, multi-faceted, multi-skilled smart businessman of today. A special mention to his undaunted support for his wife, who through consistent efforts could crack the IAS Exam and is at present posted in Koimbatore. He mentioned with feeling, the challenges that he has faced in life which in reality have given him the strength to ride the tide..

The message ‘Never be afraid and never give up on the positive efforts. Always have a sense of social responsibility’ given by both the stalwarts, was readily welcomed by all the students as well as the school staff present for the interaction.


When asked about the take away from the programme, the students responded with confidence- ‘It has taught us the Success Mantra of a combination of persistence, vision, principles and a sense of social welfare will lead you to whatever goal you desire.’ Yes, it was an affirmation of the message of these real life heroes having taken roots in the young minds and hearts…

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