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Like every year, this time too, we have many student-achievers who have won laurels for our school. The Felicitation Ceremony held on Friday, 22nd June was just about the ideal way to express our pride and affection for our young champs!

With a whooping figure of 51 students with 90% and above at the X Board Exams and Shaunak Natuu from Std XII confirming a seat for IIT, Team Millennium has proved yet once again that all-round development of a student can be accomplished along with academic excellence!


To grace the occasion we had the pleasure of having a visionary with immense passion for technology, Devendra Deshmukh who has an experience of 20 years in the field of Information Technology, as the Chief Guest.
Having gone through stringent preliminary rounds of assessments throughout the year, creating an illustrious track record of brilliant academic achievement in the Board Exams, is the natural crescendo acknowledged and appreciated in the form of the Felicitation Ceremony
The School Topper for Std. X is Madhura Godbole with 98.4% closely followed by the first runners up Anurag Pendse and Ojasi Gokhale with 98%. Parth Patki & Suhrud Atre  share the third rank with 97.4%.

Our subject toppers (Std X) –

English(97%): Madhura Godbole, Anurag Pendse, Ojasi Gokhale, Swanand Modak, Priyanka Khalate, Sanika Malvi, Kruttika Soni, Srushti Pandit, Anisha Dabke
Marathi (98%) : Rewa Rawat
Sanskrit (100%): Madhura Godbole, Tanmay Bankar, Ojasvi Deshpande, Nachiket Dandegaonkar, Mirisha Keniya
Maths (100%) :Madhura Godbole, Anurag Pendse, Ojasi Gokhale
Science (98%) :Madhura Godbole, Anurag Pendse, Ojasi Gokhale, Tanmay Bankar, Isha Bhagat
Social Science (99%) :Parth Patki, Suhrud Atre, Ishan Nadgauda, Abhinav Purohit, Priyanka Khalate

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Shaunak Natuu from Std XII (CBSE) is not only the School Topper with 95.2% but is also the subject topper in all his five subjects- English-94%, Physics-95%, Chemistry-96%, Mathematics-95%, Computer Science-96%; The second rank holder is Tanish Jadhav with 80.4% and the third ranker is Mukesh Chaudhari with 78.4%.Kadambari Patil is the subject topper for Biology with 84%.


The Crowning Glory of the occasion was the declaration of the Best Outgoing Student Awards—The winner of Late Mrs. Vaidehi Phatak Award for Best Outgoing Student 2017-18 is Ruhi Vidwans, an enthusiastic sportsperson, a diligent student and a true all-rounder; and the winner of Late Dr. Sudheer Phatak Award for the Best Outgoing Student 2017-18 is Suhrud Atre, an aspirer of perfection with a very responsible attitude!
The excitement and genuine feelings that the student-achievers expressed as they addressed the audience was heartily reciprocated by the enthusiastic juniors as well as the parents sitting in the auditorium.

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As the ceremony was moving towards the end, the familiar anxiety of a parent and heartfelt best wishes were some of the many feelings shining in the proud eye of the Team Millennium!!

News in Sakal about Millennium Annarai


Guarding the Greens


Eco-Exchange at Millennium ‘Annarai’

Pune, 7th June:

Would you call this magic if instead of all the plastic trash- containers, bags, wrappers, someone would just wave the magic wand and conjure up velvety green little saplings?- Well, this ‘green magic’ and not just any magic, brimming with life and full of promise for all the nature lovers is here at Millennium- Annarai! –Here you can become the proud owners of little saplings of Brinjal, Basil, Odomos, Brahmi in exchange of unwanted plastic trash, every Saturday and Sunday of this month.


Known for its innovative approach, Millennium National School is promoting Environmental awareness and conservation through ‘Annarai’ run Exchange Program. The best part being that this program has put to use the ancient ways of the Barter System- deposit the plastic or even the fallen dried leaves from your garden…. take home the green friends!


An Environmental Expert and the Torchbearer of the Sustainable Development Movement, Hemal Patel heads the entire programme but not without the like-minded and able guidance of the Director, Millennium National School, Anvit Phatak.


It was with great joy that one of our visitors, the Reporter from Daily ‘Sakal’ witnessed people coming all the way from Primpri-Chinchwad to participate in this drive. He could not but notice their joy as they held the delicate saplings with great care and promised to take good care of the green friends.As the cool wind blows through the bristles of the shrubs and whispers the nature song as it passes through the green leaves in the vegetable beds, Annarai, with its diverse green wealth proves to be a welcome oasis for all!


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Brilliant Performance at CBSE Tournaments!

Last year we had great results in CBSE tournament in various sports like Volleyball, kho-Kho etc.. Under-17 girls won CBSE State Championship of Kho-Kho and played Quarter final round at National Championship.


Similarly, this year too we had lot of hopes from the Kho –Kho teams and aren’t we too glad to announce the success of our young students who secured the 1st place at cluster level and also qualified for the National Level!


U/17 Girls results are as follows:



U/17 Girls Kho-kho

We have introduced Kho- Kho game in our school from last 5 years. Our U/17 girls have achieved commendable success in Z.P. Tournaments by securing the 3rd rank.


We played the first match Bye. In the following round we played against Hutatma Rajguru Vidyalay and won by 12-2. The third round was a similar success where we competed with Sevasadan English Medium School and won by 11-6.

IMG_9920 IMG_9930

In the pre quarter final round we beat PDEA’S English Medium School by 12-5 and reached the quarter final where we beat Janata High School, one of the best teams in the tournament, by the winning score of 9-4..


The Semi final round was played against a favourite team, Nutan MahaVidyalay, which we lost by 8-10.


Thus, the Millennium U/17 Girls Kho-kho Team exhibited great skill and passion for the game as they won with the 3rd place against Mahilashram High School by 12-8.


Chin up Champs!! Proud of you All!!!

Millennium bags ZP-U 14 BOYS BASKETBALL

Zilha Parishad Tournaments are the most important tournaments for any sports as all schools from Pune participate in this tournament.


This year we had great expectations from our U-14 Boys Basketball team. Exhibiting great team spirit, they fulfilled our dream by achieving 1st place in Zilha Parishad Basketball Tournament. This achievement requires a special mention as this is the first Basketball team of Millennium which achieved the 1st place In Z.P. Tournaments and also qualified for the Zonal Matches.


60 teams from all over Pune City had participated in this tournament which was played on Knockout basis.


The Millennium Team played the initial match against Sinhagad Spring Dale School & won with the score 22 – 2. In the second round we repeated the success story by defeating Bharatee Vidyabhavan School with the score of 18-0. The quarter final round proved to be rather thrilling as we defeated Vikhe Patil School by 36-14, moving on to the Semifinal against Vidyanchal School, Baner, which was won with the score of 26-18! The Final match was a great experience for the team as it faced the team of Abhinav English Medium. We claimed the title of the Final Winners by defeating the opponent team by 47-32!!


The Millennium Winner Team of U14 boys have paved their way to further success by recently qualifying for zonal matches at Solapur, on 2nd October 2017.


Karate Championship Events

Millennium Champs, a part of the Maharashtra State team have brought home laurels from the national and international level Karate Championship Events.


The winners at “BUDOKAN CUP – 2017 INTERNATIONAL KRARTE CHAMPIONSHIP DUBAI” – Samruddhi kondhare – kumite : silver, Kata : bronze; Shrutikaatre – kumite:
bronze, kata : bronze, ; Ved Mahajan – kumite : bronze, kata : bronze.

IMG_9920 IMG_9930

Our young Karate Champs also made their presence felt at ‘THE 28TH NATIONAL WORLD FUNASHOKI SHOTOKAN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP, MUMBAI’ on 10 September 2017. The winners at this competition were- Samruddhi Kondhare – gold; Varesh Dongare – gold; Shruti Kaatre – silver; Arnav Karwa – bronze.



Millennium Std. XII students- Shaunak Natuu and Omkar Kulkarni stole the show at the ‘Chemwiz’ Inter-College Chemistry Quiz Competition conducted on 10th November at Dr Kalmadi Shamrao Junior College, Pune by claiming the Winner’s Trophy! Competition was tough as 57 teams of Std. XI & XII students from colleges all over the city had participated in the Quiz.


Our other teams from Std. XI- including Aishwarya Belagali & Shreeya Santhanam; and Raghav Paranjape & Dhanashri Kanitkar- also competed well. In fact to add a feather to our cap, Aishwarya & Shreeya’s team gave even the other Std. XII team a run for it and just missed the Runner’s-up position in the tie-breaker round!


We feel proud of these champs who have definitely made a mark; and being from our very first two batches of CBSE have blazed a trail for many more to come…

New Horizons of Career Opportunities: Asia Bridge Program

Std XI & XII is the phase in which students are interested in exploring the various opportunities for their future career. The steady rhythm of Std I to X is over and now the students (& parents) start looking out for newer options for a good career- they long to reach out to the various upcoming fields/dimensions for better success in the current market. Instead of limiting the options to the conventional stream/options, we understand that this is the right time to get introduced to the emerging opportunities on national or international level as well. It is this very thought which gave rise to the idea of providing students insight into various future opportunities with the help of experts/professionals in the respective fields.


The much awaited Career Counseling Session on career opportunities in Japan, held on Friday, dt. 6th November 2017 was a great start for the Career Counseling planned for our students of Std. XI & XII.


Dr. Vipin Deo from Shizuoka University, Japan conducted a very informative session about the career opportunities offered under the ABP (Asia Bridge Program)sponsored by the Japanese Government in an endeavor to open new pathways of higher education in Japan, for deserving students from India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. He was accompanied by Mr. Ulhas Acharya, Director, CEO, Sun and Sands Info Pvt. Ltd.

IMG_9920 IMG_9930

He not only presented a vivid picture of the Shizoaka University and the Japanese culture & lifestyle but also briefed about the various facilities available for the students, once they are accepted as scholars under this program. Dr. Deo presented the entire admission schedule (ABP) for the current year including the important dates for the entrance exam etc. He also distributed the brochures and admission schedule copies to the students. Mr. Acharya assured the students about the security of students in Japan. He expressed confidence in the Japanese security system especially regarding the safety issues of girl-students.


We shared the enthusiasm of the students as they asked questions and got their queries resolved. We felt the message had definitely reached the students when many of them stayed back even after the session to interact with the guests.


So, here’s to a great start for the bright future of our children!!…- until the next session, keep yourselves tuned in…


Young Govindas celebrate Dahi Handi Celebration

Gokul Ashtami was an occasion of fun and frolic, an absolutely exhilarating time for all the dancing and frolicking young Govindas of Std I & II as well as the little ones from the Pre-primary section!
The teachers charmed the children with the stories of the fun-loving Lord Krishna. ‘As Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami Day in the month of Shravan at midnight, this day is celebrated all over India with much festivity. The devotees observe fasting and pay their obeisance to Lord Krishna.’ They told the kids, as they listened in rapture.

IMG_9920 IMG_9930

The upbeat mood for the Dahi Handi Celebration was all set by feet tapping songs and the festive wear in which the young students were decked up!
In accordance to the custom, when the students made a huge circle by holding their hands and sang with their teachers, the fun had merely begun. Just as Lord Krishna and his poor cowherd friends loved milk, curd and butter kept in high hung ‘Handis’, three beautifully decorated ‘Handis’ were hung in the Kg Sports Area. And weren’t the little prancing ‘Gwalas’ all too thrilled to break these ‘Handis’ with the help of the school staff!! Not only did they dance and sing to the tune with their teachers but also enjoyed the ‘Prasad’ later consisting of puffed rice and sugar burst.
As the child Krishna enjoyed the dance with his friends, our little children also danced joyfully to their heart’s content as they cheerily said, ‘Govinda Ala re Ala’!

Rakhis for the City Rakshaks

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Pornima was celebrated in its true spirit by our students of Primary Section. Not only did the young students enjoy making lovely Rakhis for our City Rakshaks- The Soldiers, the Police & the Fire Fighters but also wrote letters full of heartfelt thanks and adoration for them.
Every civilian is indebted to our Indian soldiers who sacrifice their personal comforts for our well being and security. As an acknowledgement to their loyalty, duty, personal courage, selfless service, integrity and honor, colorful Rakhis made by std IV and V as well as the letters written by Std. IV to VII were sent by post to our national heroes- the Indian Soldiers!

On the day of Rakhi Pornima, all the children from Std I, II, III, along with their teachers visited the Police Station at Warje. The cheer and encouragement by the Police Staff was very heartwarming and our young ambassadors responded enthusiastically. As a token of respect and affection towards these persons who protect the civilians through thick and thin, the little ones tied Rakhis and gave them the letters of thanks they had written for the ocassion!

IMG_9920 IMG_9930

Police Inspector, Mr Bajirao Muley appreciated this gesture and engaged with everyone in a friendly interaction. He pointed out the drawbacks in studying only theory or bookish knowledge and expressed the importance of developing practical approach towards life through direct learning. Mr. Muley said that such student visits were a welcome approach towards understanding the facts in life. He added that even if English is a language in demand and a popular medium of education nowadays, the children should also be well versed in their mother tongue.

The Rakhi Celebration continued in great rejoicing at the Fire Station at Erandwane. Mr. Kamble and his team caught the attention of all the young minds as they started demonstrating various fire extinguishers used for extinguishing different types of fire and also the equipments used for the different types of rescue operations. They also shared vital information regarding safety measures with all. Their thrilling demonstrations were complimented by the excited expressions in the kids’ eyes. The celebration reached a special moment when the students tied Rakhis and gave the Bravehearts, their letters of thanks!

These festive moments were the best Rakhi gifts one could think of having as all bonded over the delicate silk thread of affection and appreciation!!

IMG_9920 IMG_9930
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