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Delightful Diwali Celebration

Diwali, the grandest and the most sparkling of all our festivals cascaded down to our little students filling them up with its cheerful shine!!

Well yes, this Diwali Celebration in our Pre-primary Section seemed all the more special with the wonderful and well-planned as well as flawlessly executed Diwali activities!

Other than class decoration, the young ones had a great time enjoying pre- Diwali activities like Lantern -making, Rangoli drawing and Toran – making.



The message of environment conservation, avoiding air pollution and noise pollution was shared by the teachers amongst a lot of intelligent queries and enthusiastic applause by the little ones. It was with an earnest intention that the promise of taking care of our Mother Earth and Nature, was made by all.


One could very well agree that the Diwali Fest was the fitting culmination of the entire festivity! Wasn’t it a lovely sight as all the little ones, dressed in their best traditional outfits pranced around to spread the festive warmth of the season?



With games, songs and dances, it was a fun-filled occasion! A short animation film on the story of Lord Ram’s grand, victorious return to Ayodhya was watched with much fascination by the little ones.The delicious snacks –the yummy Diwali faral, was relished by all the young students, as well.

As we see it, the rosy cheeks and dimpled chins resplendent in their innocent festive cheer were the true greetings for the Diwali Festival indeed…


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Diwali Carnival