Millennium National School



Documents required at the time of Admission:

Every child must submit the following documents at the time of admission.

  1. Original birth certificate/ LC / TC, attested photocopy of student’s Adhaar Card, caste certificate (if applicable) and attested photocopy of mark sheet of previous class if applicable.
  2. Health related issues/ allergies if any must be communicated to school in writing accompanied by medical certificate if required.
  3. In case of divorced or separated families, a copy of the custodial agreement or court order must
    be given to the school.
  4. If a student is citizen of a country other than India, parents must submit a photocopy of valid visa & passport.

If I have not submitted any of above documents at the time of admission; I will submit those in the school office at the earliest.


  1. School uniform

    A child should wear proper uniform on all school days (even on his/her birthday) . School uniform includes school jacket as well. No other jacket is permitted. No child will be allowed in the school or in the bus without proper uniform.

    The School would appreciate the co-operation of parents in seeing that the student comes to school neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform.

  2. Jewellery

    No jewellery is permitted except small ear studs.

  3. Hair

    Girls and boys should have neatly combed hair. Boys should have a close haircut. Girls should use black hair-band only. For girls, one/two ponies are compulsory for shoulder length hair and one/two plaits are compulsory for hair more than shoulder length. Only black scrunchy/ bow/ clips to be used.

  4. ID card

    Every child must carry the identity card every day. (Id card will be issued only after statutory & other compliances.) Not bringing the ID card could result in the child not being allowed into the school premises.

    It is mandatory that all parents or guardians carry the separate parent ID card given to the child for the particular academic year. If the school is not satisfied with the identity of the parent / guardian, the school reserves the right to handover a child/ allow the child to leave early/ issue report cards/ interact with the parents on open Saturdays, etc. Parents and guardians are expected to co-operate.

  5. Shoes and socks:

    Shoes and socks are part of the school uniform. They should strictly be black in colour and should not be fancy.

  6. Other

    Tattoos, Mehendi (except on the occasion of religious festivals Nagpanchami/ Eid), nail paint, long earrings, jewellery, eyeliner, kajal, mobile and watches are not allowed. To apply Mehendi on any extra-ordinary occasion, pre-approval of the class teacher is a must.

    Reference no. of the child should be put on the jackets, shoes and shirts by the parents to avoid any possible exchange.

  7. School Bag
    I understand that it is my responsibility to check the school bag and the material my child is carrying to the school and prevent him/her from carrying unwanted things to school.


  1. Students should treat school staff with respect at all times and be courteous to fellow students.
  2. Students should refrain from damaging any form of school property. The school reserves the right to be compensated by the student for any such damages.
  3. Students should refrain from littering and should keep the school premises clean.
  4. Unacceptable behaviour including but not limited to irregular attendance, academic dishonesty and disruptive behaviour, loitering and disrespectful behaviour towards staff or fellow students will result in serious disciplinary action.
  5. Any form of bullying or ragging will result in a disciplinary action and could result in temporary/ permanent suspension from the school.
  6. Any misbehaviour or violation of school discipline will be dealt by the disciplinary committee and corrective action will be taken. In extreme cases parents will be called in to discuss the child’s behaviour and may lead to suspension from the school.
  7. The medium of instruction is English and students are expected to communicate in English at all times.
  8. For safety and security, parents should refrain from sending money with their child without specific written notice from the school.
  9. For safety and security, parents should refrain from sending valuables (like expensive jewellery, electronic items, etc.) to school.

    Parents should send only specific dose of medicine along with the proper note to class teacher. Do not send extra medicine/strips.

  10. If observed that if any student needs special and constant one to one attention while in school then the parents should follow guidelines suggested by school. In some cases parents may be required to accompany the child to school.


  1. Regular attendance is compulsory.
  2. A student suffering from an infectious disease has to bring a fitness certificate from a doctor in order to
    attend school.
  3. No child is allowed to leave the school early and also enter the school late other than in very exceptional circumstances.
  4. If a student remains absent from the school for three or more than three consecutive days then the parents should communicate this to the school through an application mentioning the reason / medical certificate.

Field trips/Excursion/Picnic/Outside of school event:

    I am aware that school may conducts field trips/excursion/picnic/outside of school event to give exposure about various industries, sector etc. I allow my child to participate in such activities. My child will behave and follow all the instructions given by the staff at the venue. While the school and its staff and the out of campus events committee of PTA Executive body shall take all precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of the child, they shall not be responsible for any accidents or mishaps arising during the events or due to misbehavior by the children. If I wish not to participate in such activities I will inform in writing to the school well in advance.

First Aid Facility:

    I know that the students can avail First Aid Facility on the school campus. I, therefore, understand that school / amenity provider is responsible only for primary medical assistance and any higher degree of medical care or any medical emergency will be addressed by referral to specialized centers.

    I also understand that in case of a medical problem, certain medical procedures may need to be performed by hospitals to treat the Medical conditions. In such cases, as decided by the doctor, consent is required to perform the required medical procedures, which the school / amenity provider may acquire from me over the phone.

Continuation / Discontinuation:

    Parents will have to fill admission form every year within a time span, failing which your admission stands cancelled and the seat may be allotted to the desired eligible candidate.

    Once Admission form is filled up, you are bound to pay the school fees for that academic year . If you cancel admission after filling up admission form, paying fees as per dates mentioned in Fees refund Policy is mandatory, failing to which the deposit amount may be retained.

    A new undertaking regarding the continuation or discontinuation of admission to the higher class is to be signed and submitted on or before 28th Feb, 2025 before the start of new academic year.

    In case of discontinuation/ cancellation in the month of (April/ May/ June) caution money/ deposit refund will be credited on parent’s A/C on or before 22nd July (Provided all documentation is completed.). In case the cancellation done after 1st July, refund will be credited on the 21st of next month.

Fee Structure & Schedule for the academic year

    Millennium National School management has resolved to declare the standard-wise fee structure for all the standards i.e. from First standard to the Twelfth standard. The School Management has also resolved to declare the same one year before the commencement of the academic year from which the same is applicable (i.e. Feb 2021) in accordance to the provisions and procedures prescribed in The Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) Act, 2011,The Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) (Amendment) Act, 2018 and The Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) Rules, 2016.

    The Fee Structure applicable to First Standard to Twelfth Standard from academic year 2022 -23 to 2027-28 is declared on the school website and on the school notice board one year in advance.

    As a parent, I have noted the fee structure of the school up to the year 2027-28.

    The fees can be paid in four installments – The first installment at the time of admission/ continuation of admission and the other installment as per due date intimated.

Fees refund policy

    Admission fee is not refundable in any circumstances.

    Fees will be refunded; in case of cancellation of admission for year 2024-25 as per refund policy which is as follows,

  1. Before 30th April, 2024 – After deduction of 10% on yearly school fees.
  2. From 1st May, 2024 till 30th June, 2024 – After deduction of 25% on yearly school fees.
  3. From 1st July, 2024 till 30th September, 2024 – After deduction of 50% on yearly school fees
  4. After 1st Oct 2024 – No Refund (100% school fees payable by a parent to school. If any dues are pending at the time of cancellation.)

Late Fees/ Bounce charges

    A late fee of Rs. 70/- per week per installment will be charged for all payments made after the due date. If the fees are not paid within two months, the name will be struck off. If a Cheque/ DD/ NACH payment bounces due to any reason, parents have to pay bounce charges.


    Educational Institutes are exempted from the GST as of today. However, if the GST becomes applicable during the financial year then the same will be borne by the parents. (Even applies to any advance fee paid).


    A separate undertaking will be signed by parents of students who wish to opt for transport. Issues or concerns regarding the same will be taken up with the transport provider and the School Transport Committee.

Sports/ Activities/ Amenities:

    A separate undertaking will be signed for sports / activities/ amenities if these services are to be availed. Issues or concerns regarding the same will be taken up with the provider of the same.

Photographs / recordings of various activities:

    Photographs / recordings of certain activities may be taken as a method of sharing on our website or on our printed materials. I allow the school to utilize my child’s photos in any assessment and promotional activities to illustrate to the public how the kids enjoy during these activities.

CCTV Surveillance and Phone call recording:

    Please note that for the safety and security purpose, most of our school campus is under CCTV surveillance and even all incoming/outgoing calls are recorded.