Millennium National School


Sports is an integral part of the students’ day at Millennium. So it goes without saying that the sports infrastructure is quite extensive and elaborate. With so much stress on sports, we sometimes wonder if we are a sports academy, or a school!

For KG students:

  • The kindergarten section has its own separate play area.
  • For toddlers, we have see saws, slides, swings and balance beams.
  • There is an open space where they play ball games and do fitness exercises.
  • They have a fantastic play structure with rock climbing, Burma bridge, tunnel slide, spiral side, swings and a rope ladder.
  • They also have a cycling track where they ride tricycles or bicycles with training wheels.


For Primary and Secondary children:

  • We have a huge covered area where the older children do yoga, karate, aerobics and fitness exercises.
  • There are also dedicated indoor facilities for other sports too.
  • We have a huge hall for table tennis (8 tables) and a massive facility for badminton (4 courts) and roller skating. We also have a large gymnastics area.
  • There is also a separate space for carom and chess.
  • We also teach mallakhamb and rope gymnastics, and they have their own infrastructure.
  • There are a lot of outdoor grounds too.  We have a huge cement basketball area with three full size courts. We have a special area for volleyball and a football ground as well.
  • We also have swimming as an activity for the students, but that is conducted off campus