Millennium National School

Food in the school

Since Millennium is a ‘complete’ school, we have made arrangements to provide lunch and snacks to the students as well. Our associate organizations provide tasty and healthy meals to our students. If a child brings a tiffin from home, it usually consists of just rotis with some dry vegetable preparation. In the growing age, a child should receive a balanced meal with all the nutrients. So, from 1ststandard onwards, children are served a ‘square’ lunch in the school. It consists of rotis, vegetables, salads, pickle, rice, dal and some curd preparation.

Children develop healthy eating habits for life and the inclination towards junk automatically reduces. All children also have a snack in the school. Snacks are khichadi, pohe, upma,  bhel, sheera etc. Children of the secondary section have a glass of milk in the school as well. The number of meals that a students has in school varies from class to class. Kindergarten children are given a snack. Children of 1st to 4th are given a snack and lunch. Children of standards 5th to 10th have two snacks and lunch in school. They are also given a glass of milk everyday. We also get a chance to teach them table manners. Even Nursery children pick up their plates and put them in the respective bins once they are done eating. They learn to chew properly and finish everything on their plate.

The interesting thing is that we have reports that these children even teach other family members how to eat the Millennium way! Mothers and grandmothers are happy as they do not face a question about what tiffin to pack for the child everyday!

Having food in the school gives children a break from all activities. They sit with their group of friends in the cafeteria and relax and unwind. The quality of food, is simply, great! We even get calls from parents in the vacation asking us recipes for a certain dish (and we do give it!). Need we say more?

Here is the lunch and snack menu. We shuffle it from time to timeThe menu can also change at the last moment for a variety of reasons. This is on purpose because kids make a fuss on the day when there is an item on the menu which they don’t like, and plan accordingly!