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Sharing success story- A Journey of an Artist from the Science Classroom to the Art Studio

Students of class 10th had been given an activity to preserve a plant reproductive part of their choice, study its reproductive cycle, identify any changes in the natural reproduction cycle, and investigate on the reasons behind the change. They also were asked to ponder on how to preserve various species and how human interference can change their original life cycle as a part of life skill.

We wanted students to see the various manifestations of passion driven knowledge or skill and felt the need to highlight how niche occupations can emerge when a person strives towards achieving his/her passion.

As an extension of the activity we had a small talk with Snehal Sir who shared success story of a Scientist turned artist – Dr. Anagha Shinde.

Dr. Anagha while working on a herbarium project found her way towards her passion for art and flowers. She took her flowers all the way from a science classroom to an art studio. The journey took many turns, had a lot of improvisations from selecting flowers, pressing them using appropriate technique- mastering the skill of preservation, presenting the flowers on paper which would keep their original beauty intact, take care of them with their original colours over a longer period of time. This finally evolved the dried flowers into lovely petal girls.

Her passion created new records, connected her with people globally, and arrange workshops and exhibitions. Her petal girls also got appreciation from celebrities.

In their latest Endeavour, the flowers have once again channelized their way out of frames to jewelry and glassware.

Snehal Sir was a part of this entire transition. He shared her success story from Science technicality to an emerging Art which can be pursued as an occupation.

Students were astonished to see neighborhood flowers taking different shapes. They enjoyed guessing the flowers and showed lot of interest to learn about them more. They said,’ We never imagined what a dried flower, which is normally discarded, can offer us even after it is gone’. Anush from class 10th B gave vote of thanks.

The session was arranged to help students see beyond subject technicality and widen their scope of thoughts and creativity.

Even today the pressed flowers continue to impart their fragrance…






KG Palkhi Celebration


In Maharashtra, Ashadi Ekadashi is an auspicious occasion to worship Lord Vithoba. Lakhs of devotees gather and offer their prayers. This tradition is more than 700 years old. We at Millennium National School took this wonderful opportunity of presenting the replica of Palkhi in our own school premises. Kg entrance was decorated with statue of Lord Vitthal. The sounds of ‘Zanj’ and ‘Lezim’ filled the whole school when the pre-primary warkaries carried saffron flags, tulsi saplings in ‘Tulshivrundavan’, palkhi of Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram.

This event was brought into existence to sensitize the young minds with traditional integrity amongst each other. Drawing teachers made realistic props to give this event a realistic look. The songs mesmerized the whole School campus. The little children were the real heroes as without them the event was just an imagination which came into existence with their little footsteps.







Millennium resplendent with Achievements in the Boards!!

In continuation with our success legacy, Millennium is resplendent yet again, with the achievements of all the top scorers of both our batches of Std X & XII (CBSE 2018-19)!!

Appreciation being the Millennium way to encourage good behavior and inculcate a healthy competitive spirit, we endeavor to recognize the talent and motivate them to realize their potential and get ready to face the outer world.

We felt immense pride in felicitating the student-achievers of this year in a function organized in their honor on Tuesday, 25th June 2019 in Dr. Sudheer Phatak Memorial Hall in the school premises.

To grace the occasion, we had with us Dr. Abhijit Sonawane who is working to bring medicine to the most deprived group of individuals in Pune, India. Under the organization, Soham Trust, he along with his team of doctors for beggars treat individuals who do not have financial means for medical treatments.

This year continues the trail of stardust to match the Millennium legacy of brilliant academic results since inception. This year 111 students out of 197 have scored above 90% in their class X CBSE Board Exam. In addition to that, 50% students from Std XII have scored 85% and above in their CBSE Board Exam (2018-19)

The Subject toppers for Std X (2018-19) are-

  • Tanvi Kulkarni & Nidhi Kondejkar have scored 99 out of 100 in English.

  • Nidhi Kondejkar, Tejal Kulkarni, Kushal Bhalgat, Chinmayee Gokhale, Isha Shinde, Shaunak Karmarkar, Harsh Nikam, Parth Kulkarni, Atharva Vishwasrao, Harsh Amble, Pranati Limaye, Siddhanth Tonapi, Tanaya Deshpande, Tanmayee Dabhadikar, Ria Misal, Kharanshu Shah, Shruti Mengde are the subject toppers in Sanskrit with a perfect score of 100 out of 100!

  • The top scorers in Marathi Language with 99 out of 100 are Anagha Deshmukh, Akash Bhade & Yadnesh Chhatre

  • Tejal Kulkarni, Siddhant Tonapi, Tanvi Kulkarni, Mitra Barve & Dhruv Aggarwal are the toppers in Maths with the best scores possible i.e. 100 out of 100.

  • Tejal Kulkarni is the only topper in Science with 100 out of 100 marks.

  • The subject toppers in Social Science with 99 out of 100 are Akash Bhade, Bhagawati Iyer, Ankit Bhade, Chinmayee Gokhale, Simar Sharma.

The top rankers of Std. X are Dhruv Agarwal & Mitra Barve, sharing the third position with 97.8%, Nidhi Kondejkar in the second rank with 98% & Tanvi Kulkarni topping the batch at 98.2%!!

Our toppers of Std. XII CBSE (2018-19) are-

The Subject toppers

  • Purva Unde with 98 out of 100 in English

  • Naman Gupta has scored 99 out of 100 in Maths, 99 out of 100 in Physics & the sacrosanct score of 100 on 100 in Computer Science

  • Aishwarya Belagali is the subject topper in Maths with 99 out of 100 & in Chemistry with 96 out of100

  • Raghav Paranjape & Rinal Badadiya are the toppers in Biology with 98 out of 100

The top rankers of Std. XII are Raghav Paranjape with 95.6% in the third position, Aishwarya Belagali with 96% in the second position and Naman Gupta has topped with 96.8%!

Shaunak Karmarkar & Nidhi Kondejkar were felicitated as the Best Outgoing Students of this year as well as the proud recipients of the prestigious trophies of Late Dr Sudheer Phatak award and Late Mrs. Vaidehi Phatak award!!

These were special moments of immense joy when the award winning students sparkled amongst their awards & trophies. In their straight from the heart speeches, they expressed their gratitude towards the school and the teachers as well as motivated their juniors to put their best foot forward.

The entire year of dedication, hard work and will to succeed of these children had earned them the accolades along with smiles, applause and cheering all around!

Millennium Stage lights up in Sparkling Splendour

A treat for the beholder
As enchanting as can be.
A Wonder full of ingenuity
Creating a beautiful world…

… A true depiction of these words were the grand days of the Annual Social Gathering of Millennium!
The Annual Gathering, which continued from 27th to 30th January 2019 was a treat for all! Be it drama, dances, songs, music or anchoring- we had it all, that too with the glow of magic that only children can bring!!
In a burst of colours all the student-artists exhibited a fine display of their talent. An exciting journey with the entire team from KG Section to Std. XII, it was a memorable event indeed!



The bright faces and cheerful smiles shone on the stage as well as the audience, as proud parents sat upright to watch the little ones perform dances, deliver dialogues, make announcements and practically light up the entire stage!



Drama with live dialogues and self-choreographed dances stole the show as the audience showered appreciation on the young artists.All the student-artists could be seen in various programs, trying to do their best. The excitement in the air was contagious and everyone in vibrant colours and dramatic getup were a sight to behold.

Special mention of the little students from KG Section is a must who, with their teachers made a wonderful team as they put up their best performances for the audience, who in turn appreciated and applauded with great enthusiasm.
Created by a thousand hands, the finery draped around the little artists spoke a million words about all the efforts which had gone into making the event a success.

This gathering was the very platform encouraging students to hone their artistic skills and enjoy the bountiful aesthetic pleasures which any form of art can bless us with!

Farewell Party Celebrations for Std. X & XII

Farewell Party Celebrations for Std. X & XII
In a burst of cheerful greeting and hear felt best wishes the Millennium family bid farewell to the students of Std. X & XII!

Dressed in formal suits and lovely traditional wear the students had an air of the upcoming generation, already embarking on the journey of their future success.
Adventure and fun n’ frolic filled the air as soon as the young students of Std. X trooped into Dr. Sudheer Phatak Auditorium where the teachers welcomed them warmly. Everyone enjoyed themselves with various games planned and conducted by the teachers. One of the highlights was the felicitation of not only the Class Representatives, Class Teachers and Students with 100% attendance but also the Kakas & Aunties, who have watched over the children as they journeyed through the standards.



The farewell party of Std. XII was entirely organized by the student-volunteers of Std. XI. Complete with a photo booth, Memory jars and the perfectly matching décor in white and blue one could make out the efforts and genuine feeling put in by the juniors- only to be matched by the enthusiasm and excitement of the celebrities of the day- the Students of our senior most batch!



As a token of their fond memories in school, Riya Misal, Std X also gifted a pencil sketch of our beloved Phatak Sir & Madam to the school.


Both the farewell parties were a roaring success creating memories not only for the outgoing students but also for the heavy hearts left behind….

We part today
With heavy hearts
But trust me friend
We can have different starts

This end
Is just the beginning
Of something much bigger
Than the days you are reminiscing

It’s time to think of today
As a test of our friendship
Rather than brood
Let’s sail up our memory ship

If our love was real
And the memories really true
Why do you cry now?
We’ll always be the same crew.

Let’s promise each other
To meet again
Never leave our hearts
Though distance handles the rein

Let’s promise eternity
Like the Sun and Moon
Who in curse of separation
Created an eclipse, treated it a boon

Let’s promise a promise
Of always coming back home
Like the bird to her chicks
Who sees only them after a roam

Let’s promise a fight
For a constant bonding core
Like the waves, who are pulled in
But always lash back to the eager shore.

Let’s promise a tease
The breeze who inspires us
Who never fails to flow through the flowers.
Make our lives less of a fuss.

Let’s promise a bond
And smile on this parting
Trust me this isn’t the end
With an US we soar out flying.
-Rewa Rawat, Std XI

Christmas Celebration

HO..HO..HO… laughed the Santa Claus as all the little ones squealed with delight! Bright little eyes became as big as saucers at the sight of the chocolates in lovely bright wrappers that the Santa had brought for all…
The Christmas Fest in KG section celebrated on Monday, 31st December was a delightful sight to behold… and why wouldn’t it be?



The front porch with the decorated X-Mas tree and Christmas decorations welcomed the students to the festive cheer which mounted as the day proceeded. Besides, dressed in the warm and cheery red color, all the teachers were the very assistants of their favorite Santa Claus, taking care that every young one had an equally great time!



In the classrooms, the little ones danced to the tunes of the Christmas Songs and later flaunted the tattoo drawings of strawberries, Santa caps, stockings and other traditional decorations on the backside of their hands, which their teacher had drawn for them. The special treat of strawberry milkshake was relished during snacks.
During the crafts class, various craft activities were designed exclusively for Christmas- Pop up cards made by the Sr. Kg., Santa Claus made from paper cups by Jr. Kg. and Christmas trees prepared by Nursery class added a personal touch to the celebration. These creations were then sent home, with the students, to share the warmth of the festivity with the parents back home too!!



Every class along with their teacher also visited the barn (built in the aviary area) where baby Jesus was born and Mother Mary had placed him in a manger. The students were told the story of how the three wise men, guided by the holy star, visited baby Jesus and gave him gifts such as gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Surely, the most eye-catching experience in the day, though, awaited all in the Media Room – when Santa Clause took everyone to the land of lovely inspiring stories. He helped a snowman, Harry, realize his importance for not only the children but all the people in their village. He danced and he sang….as the jingle, jingle, jingle bells rang…..

Team Millennium Rise to the AWIM Challenge

Hurrah for our young students from Std. V – Radhika Rajwade, Jijau Phatak, Avanee Bagade & Swani Pathak who have made it to the top in the Skimmer Competition (Track Event- Distance with Weight) organized by SAEINDIA AWIM Pune Olympics at SNBP School, Rahatani.
“Our skimmer has been one with a difference..” chirped the girls as they shared their exciting journey to the top of the city level competition. “The beautifully decorated ‘Prakash Vata’, the skimmer designed by the Millennium Team is a noteworthy project as it includes special empathy towards the much needy Adivasi community. Complete with a Kitchen, School, Hospital and a toilet on board, the little skimmer (paper model) proves to be an eco-friendly (fuel free) mode of transport which could also provide a source of income for the Adivasis”they explained in detail.



Adding to the charm of our team, was the well written and effectively presented skit with the conversation between an Adivasi and the NGO representatives.Sporting the Adivasi headband and a complimenting tone, Jijau expressed concern over the lack of medical, educational facilities to which Radhika and Avanee(NGO Representatives) promptly replied by presenting the skimmer –held by Swani- as the complete solution to resolve multiple requirements- and you could clearly see why these clear voices lined with great dramatics could steal the hearts of all!

The lovely young faces of our students overflowing with joy and excitement just about matched their feelings as they expressed their parents’ joy and the appreciation they got after their success. All but Avani spoke enthusiastically about the special treat they received or were promised – and what she said belied her young age- “I refused any kind of treat my parents offered to me” she said, “The AWIM Trophy in itself was my greatest gift!”



These young champs along with the guidance of their teachers – Ms. Jyotsna, Ms.Rutuja, Ms. Aditi & Ms. Sneha, were able to make a mark at this City level competition as well as pave their way to the National level Competition to be held at Chandigarh in this month.

Not to mention, our sponsor company `John Deere’, who have not only provided the necessary kits to the school but their engineers have also volunteered to guide the students for the competition.
So, here’s wishing our young champs good luck and greater success at the National level competitions to be held soon!!

Candid Moments with Veena Gavankar

It was with great enthusiasm that the students of Std. VII enjoyed some candid moments with the well-known biographer, Ms. Veena Gavankar, on Friday, 23rd November 2018 at our school.

A former librarian and an avid reader, she shared the life stories of Loius Agassi and George Washington Carver- two of the many unsung heroes introduced to us through her writing- and their journey from a very humble beginning to the great achievements in their lives. ‘EkHota Carver’, her debut novel and biography of American agriculturist George Washington Carver in the year 1979 kick started her career as a writer.

Connecting to the young students in a friendly manner, Ms.Gavankar also emphasized that these unsung heroes should be the source of inspiration for the children. These real life heroes started in their lives with very humble beginnings but with their grit and determination they could reach for the stars!

Replying to the enthusiastic questions by the students, she mentioned that she has authored 10 books and has truly enjoyed the entire journey until now.



Her presence at this talk was so friendly and welcoming that our students asked her quite a few questions. They asked her about her hobbies to things like ‘Is Ramayan & Mahabharat history or fiction’; to which her answers were equally engaging- Coming from rural area, she acquired her interest in reading due to the small box of books available in the reading period or the free time in her school. Though she is an avid reader, Autobiographies and Biographies hold special interest for her as they tell us about real life heroes. Amid other discussion, she explained that some details viz. locations etc. in the Epics like Mahabharata were true yet we lack evidence of the actual and complete plot/the events in these stories



She further explained that reading was the foundation of, not only her- a writer’s, profile but also of any other successful person’s life. In fact selective reading i.e. reading the correct thing is a skill, she said.Reading is the canvas on which one can create his achievements. Thus, we reiterate the wisdom in the age-old saying- ‘Books are our best friends’!

Delightful Diwali Celebration

Diwali, the grandest and the most sparkling of all our festivals cascaded down to our little students filling them up with its cheerful shine!!

Well yes, this Diwali Celebration in our Pre-primary Section seemed all the more special with the wonderful and well-planned as well as flawlessly executed Diwali activities!

Other than class decoration, the young ones had a great time enjoying pre- Diwali activities like Lantern -making, Rangoli drawing and Toran – making.



The message of environment conservation, avoiding air pollution and noise pollution was shared by the teachers amongst a lot of intelligent queries and enthusiastic applause by the little ones. It was with an earnest intention that the promise of taking care of our Mother Earth and Nature, was made by all.


One could very well agree that the Diwali Fest was the fitting culmination of the entire festivity! Wasn’t it a lovely sight as all the little ones, dressed in their best traditional outfits pranced around to spread the festive warmth of the season?



With games, songs and dances, it was a fun-filled occasion! A short animation film on the story of Lord Ram’s grand, victorious return to Ayodhya was watched with much fascination by the little ones.The delicious snacks –the yummy Diwali faral, was relished by all the young students, as well.

As we see it, the rosy cheeks and dimpled chins resplendent in their innocent festive cheer were the true greetings for the Diwali Festival indeed…

Celebrating Victory: Vijayadashmi Festival

It was a time of great festivity on 15th of this month, as our little students of KG Section trooped into the area allotted for celebrating Bhondla or Hadga as it is called.

The festivities in the month of Ashwinare known to bring us the warmth of joy and laughter in the company of our friends. One amongst these festivities is Bhondla/ Hadga.

Traditionally speaking, Bhondla/Hadga is the custom celebrated as the Sun moves to the thirteenth constellation of the zodiac called ‘Hasta’. “All sixteen days between Ghatasthapana and Kojagiri Pornima young girls celebrate the Bhondla with gusto. A rangoli, representing a motif of two elephants with garlands in their trunks, is drawn either on the floor or on a paat (low wooden stool). The girls go around the motif in a circle, holding each other’s hands and singing the Bhondla songs.


At Millennium not just the girls but all the little ones from the KG Section held each other’s hands and danced to the beats of the music as the Bhondla songs played in the background. The youngest of the lot –the nursery groups especially enjoyed the clapping of hands, reminding one of the real essence of joy in its purest form.

On the 17th, we also celebrated Dussehra or Dasara starting with ‘Saraswati Puja’. The day celebrated all over India to denote the ultimate triumph of good over evil. It is also an occasion to make us remember that we should eliminate the Ravan within us- remove the bad habits that prevent us from becoming better persons.



The entrance area in the KG Section gave just this message as it was adorned with a beautiful picture of Goddess Durga, a statue of Goddess Saraswati- the goddess of Knowledge as well as the Ten-headed Ravan, symbolizing the bad habits we need to avoid viz. Junk food, Speaking lies, Anger, Chewing the pencil etc.



Not only did the kids enjoy their favourite story sessions – about Dussehra, on this occasion – but also indulged in craft activities like making Aptyachepaan, the auspicious Kalash and the hand puppets of Ravan as per their classes. One couldn’t but notice the subtle blending of the transfer of tradition and culture along with fulfilling the educational objectives like improving the motor skills of the children on special events like this one…

As we know, the Vijay Mahurat on Dussehra is considered to be extremely auspicious. Time to re-experience the jubilance of the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasur, Lord Ram over Ravan and the homecoming of the Pandavas after their ‘Vanvaas’. With our young students, it was a festivity to rejoice and spread the light of happiness leading to a year full of success and divine goodness…

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