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Farewell Party Celebrations for Std. X & XII

Farewell Party Celebrations for Std. X & XII
In a burst of cheerful greeting and hear felt best wishes the Millennium family bid farewell to the students of Std. X & XII!

Dressed in formal suits and lovely traditional wear the students had an air of the upcoming generation, already embarking on the journey of their future success.
Adventure and fun n’ frolic filled the air as soon as the young students of Std. X trooped into Dr. Sudheer Phatak Auditorium where the teachers welcomed them warmly. Everyone enjoyed themselves with various games planned and conducted by the teachers. One of the highlights was the felicitation of not only the Class Representatives, Class Teachers and Students with 100% attendance but also the Kakas & Aunties, who have watched over the children as they journeyed through the standards.



The farewell party of Std. XII was entirely organized by the student-volunteers of Std. XI. Complete with a photo booth, Memory jars and the perfectly matching décor in white and blue one could make out the efforts and genuine feeling put in by the juniors- only to be matched by the enthusiasm and excitement of the celebrities of the day- the Students of our senior most batch!



As a token of their fond memories in school, Riya Misal, Std X also gifted a pencil sketch of our beloved Phatak Sir & Madam to the school.


Both the farewell parties were a roaring success creating memories not only for the outgoing students but also for the heavy hearts left behind….

We part today
With heavy hearts
But trust me friend
We can have different starts

This end
Is just the beginning
Of something much bigger
Than the days you are reminiscing

It’s time to think of today
As a test of our friendship
Rather than brood
Let’s sail up our memory ship

If our love was real
And the memories really true
Why do you cry now?
We’ll always be the same crew.

Let’s promise each other
To meet again
Never leave our hearts
Though distance handles the rein

Let’s promise eternity
Like the Sun and Moon
Who in curse of separation
Created an eclipse, treated it a boon

Let’s promise a promise
Of always coming back home
Like the bird to her chicks
Who sees only them after a roam

Let’s promise a fight
For a constant bonding core
Like the waves, who are pulled in
But always lash back to the eager shore.

Let’s promise a tease
The breeze who inspires us
Who never fails to flow through the flowers.
Make our lives less of a fuss.

Let’s promise a bond
And smile on this parting
Trust me this isn’t the end
With an US we soar out flying.
-Rewa Rawat, Std XI


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