Millennium National School

Director’s Message

Dear Parents,

Greetings! And thank you for your interest in our institution.

We are all here – as part of the Millennium family or as well wishers of the institute because we are all passionate about how we should assist the next generation in their growth and development. We want to harness their creativity and innovative thinking. We all want to make sure that we create good human beings, conscious citizens and smart people. That is and has always been our long term vision.

At Millennium we believe in exposing the children to as much as possible. This is the last haven for the children to be children. It is a peaceful ambiance where children can efficiently absorb knowledge and assimilate it to result in understanding. The student, teacher and parent community together work towards the goals of making our children courageous, creative and imaginative. They are bold risk takers and problem solvers. They are given enough scope for hands on activities to hone all these skills.

All in all, we come with a very open system of schooling. Students spend almost as much time outside the classroom as they do in it. That adds to the feeling of relaxation and reduces stress, which greatly increases learning. Learning, of any kind, just cannot happen in a stressed environment.

At Millennium you will find that the student is treated as a ‘work in progress’. All activities, instructions and rules are built around the final goal – to develop strong characters and personalities.

We have an active research and development team that constantly monitors teaching methods and comes up with more innovative and efficient ways of dealing with education. That makes the whole atmosphere very exciting and charged up – for both, the students and teachers.

Do come and visit us and interact with the team at Millennium as we all create national wealth!