Millennium National School


As we have been stressing again and again, a lot of thought is given to each and every thing at Millennium. Uniforms are no different. The target was to keep boys and girls at ease in their uniforms for the whole day – which involved rigorous sports as well. So, after giving much thought, it was decided to have tracks and T-shirts as the uniform – for both – boys and girls. This solved all the problems in one go. For our Junior College, we have a swanky uniform, which the students love. It doesn’t even look like a uniform!

Everything – the T-shirt, the track pants, the socks and the ID card, are given in the ¬†school itself. Shoes, which need to be jet black, completely closed, and without any other marks, need to be bought from outside. We don’t care about the brand of the shoes, but strongly recommend sneakers, as they are comfortable for playing sports.

Girls with long hair may need clips, hairbands or scrunchies to keep their hair neat and in place. All these accessories must be completely black. For girls, hair longer than shoulder length must be in plaits.