Millennium National School

Admission to Standard XI

Dear parents and students,

We have received your application, please note that, as of now, you are WAITLISTED.

You may receive communication regarding counseling and further course of action from the school when there is a vacancy.

Since last year, the school has reconfigured the admission process to a very
convenient completely online process. The admission process consists of 6 simple steps four of which can easily be explored and completed while you all are at home currently.

The steps are as below:

Step 1:

Spend enough time to browse through the website to understand details of the course structure, available subject options and the teaching pedagogy. If not done already, click here to get program overview.

Step 2:

Read through and understand the admission procedure requirements

Documents required – click here

Fee structure & refund policy – click here

To know what the fees include/ do not include – click here

School timings – click here

Subjects offerred – click here

Step 3:

to register yourself to get login and password

Step 4:

Using the login ID (Form Number) and password you have received, fill in the online school admission form.

to fill the form.

Step 5:

The student will need to keep soft copies of the following ready for uploading in the given link.

  1. Most recent passport size photograph
  2. An essay (in soft copy) to be submitted online. Click here to read guidelines for Essay writing.
  3. Letter(s) of recommendation (at least 1 – max 2). Click here to read guidelines for the Letter
  4. Report cards of Std 8, 9 and 10 (Mid-term / Prelim marks)  to fill in Science, Math, Social Science marks

Once you are ready with a soft-copy of your essay, letter and result,

Please to upload documents (use the same login and password)

Step 6:

Step 6A:

Once you have uploaded all the documents, our team will thoroughly scan those and schedule a counselling session with the child (through Google Meet). You will be intimated the day and time well in advance. A dummy meeting too will be scheduled earlier to check all the technicalities at both the ends.

It would be an in-depth conversation about what the child wants to seek and how Millennium can facilitate the process.

Step 6B:

After the team deliberates on the subject options the child wishes to seek and the ones that the school can offer, you will receive an email about the admission confirmation from the school stating the subjects we can offer. The parents then can complete the ONLINE PAYMENT process as mentioned in the email and finalize the admission to Standard 11.