Millennium National School

Events & Achievements


This 73rd Republic Day of our country witnessed an upbeat and ever-confident harmony of spirits at Millennium.

In the presence our Director Anvit Phatak, the entire staff celebrated the event with great pride and aplomb. The ceremony was witnessed by all the students, parents and staff members as it was streamed live.

The ceremony started with an air of joy and patriotic fervor as all the dignitaries and staff members spoke the felicitous words of our Indian constitution in one voice to reaffirm our commitment to the diversity, fraternity and equality among all our citizens.

As a part of the celebration, the Sports teachers presented the March-past in a show of discipline and commitment towards our country.

The tri-color was unfurled by Shri. Sunil Khawale who has been with the Millennium family since day one, followed by a proud and heartfelt salute to it. All the hearts welled up with a great sense of national pride and immense gratitude as the words of our National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ filled the air.
To understand more about our Constitution, the Preamble and some significant aspects embedded in the Preamble, the teachers presented a pronouncement or ‘abhivachan’ consisting of various scenes in which, through the characters & dialogues, the highlights – viz. Right to Freedom of Higher Education, Democratic – majority voting etc.- were endorsed.

Melodious patriotic songs like ‘Sare Jahan Se Achcha Hindostan Hamara’ & ‘Vande Mataram’ presented by teachers, added warmth to the patriotic spirit of the occasion leading to the positive note, on which the ceremony concluded.

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Christmas And New Year

The Millennium Family wishes you all a very happy new year!!

We wish for the new year 2022 to be as bright as December 2021 when we finally had our children back in school and we could not be happier!
We have started activities for all classes and we are so happy to see the thrilled learners on campus. While younger classes enjoyed their `first look’ of classes and teachers, their happy voices brought the entire school to life. The teachers were delighted to have children in classroom after one and a half years and conducted some Christmas activities with them.

We hope that these smiles and cheers are to stay here for good!

Wishing us all a happy and healthy new year!!

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