Millennium National School


As children come to Millennium to learn, we have to let them learn as much as we can. Learning is not confined to the classroom, learning happens on the playground too. We do not want children to become bookworms. Along with the mind, the body must develop too. Learning sports develops personality.

This is also a part of our idea of complete education in the Millennium Way™. We strongly believe that developing these skills and co-ordination is as important as training the mind academically. A child learns real life problems, human behaviour, emotion expression and people management on the playground. All these things build character. Learning sports is so important that we simply cannot imagine having an education program without an intensive sports program integrated in it. All the sports are done in our unique school uniform itself. The costumes and towels required for swimming are given by the school too.

Children are taught individual sports and team sports. Sports are planned according to the physical and mental capacity of the children at each age. They are also planned in such a way that one builds on top of the other. All sports activities are compulsory. Because of this, each student at Millennium gets a proper feel of many different sporting activities. Except swimming, all activities are conducted within the school campus. Having a unique advantage of such a large campus, all these activities are possible.

1st and 2nd standard children learn yoga, karate and get free play once in a while. 3rd standard children learn swimming, gymnastics and kho kho. Skating is also introduced in Std. 3. This is just as an introduction, so that children pick up balancing quickly. 4th standard students learn mallakhamb. The boys workout on the mallakhamb pole and girls learn rope gymnastics. Since these sports build on gymnastics, the skill level that the children attain by this class is quite high. They also learn roller skating. We continue the yoga activity as well. In lower classes some of the difficult aasanas are skipped as children lack the necessary strength. In this class, those aasanas are covered. We also introduce basketball to these children, as a starter towards building our school team. For rainy days, we teach our children carom.

Children of the 5th play badminton, basketball and carom, along with an introduction to volleyball. In 6th they learn athletics, gymnastics and chess, along with an introduction to football. 7th standard students learn table tennis, volleyball and aerobics along with basketball. In the 8th, 9thand 10th, the children learn advanced levels in basketball, volleyball, yoga, table tennis and football. These are specifically made so that there is enough physical exertion, and also to encourage conituation of exercise post 10th standard.