Millennium National School


We have a beautiful campus, with lots of trees, and plants, and spaced-out buildings. We have 3 buildings, two of which are for academics and co-curricular activities, and one is a multi-purpose hall, for indoor sports and dining.

Dining and Kitchen

Since Millennium is completely bagless, students do not even carry a tiffin to school. Food is provided in the school itself. This means that all the food has to be cooked and served on campus. And, the Millennium family does a great job of it too!

Our kitchen is bigger than most professional facilities and also spic and span. We have modern equipment and a well ventilated area to cook the food. The cooking, cutting, roasting and washing areas are all separate.


Students eat in the dining hall. We have octagonal shaped halls that are spacious and well lit. Each dining hall can accommodate 200 students at a time.

There are huge windows all around and the halls overlook the garden. There is a separate place to wash hands just outside the dining hall.

Kindergarten students have their own separate dining area in the KG building itself where tables and chairs are scaled down to their size. There is a great outdoor ambience to it and the tiny tots enjoy it a great deal – as it feels like they are eating in a garden restaurant!


One thing that we really and truly love, is greenery. We don’t harp about being “environmentally conscious”, but we are. We have drip irrigated our gardens, and use vermiculture on a massive scale using our wasted vegetables – so much so that our beloved earthworms face a lot of hardships when the school is closed for summer vacation! So, the only garbage to go out of the school is dry garbage – the wet garbage is all converted to manure.


Adjoining that is the prototype organic farm, where we have a fruit orchard, a vegetable patch, some grain plantation and a spice garden. Students are taken there once every alternate week to see what is growing, and how things are being conducted around the farm.







The gardens keep growing and getting better and better. We’ll keep you updated on our gardening activity!