Millennium National School

My Day

The daily routine of a child in Millennium is full of activities. They have so many things that they have to do, that many times, we have to push them out of the school at the end of the day!

The daily routine has been designed to have a fine balance between academics, play and nutrition. We make sure that there is no overdose of academics, and that children get nutrition at regular intervals. We also make sure that one meal is served after sports, as that is when the children need it the most. As explained in the academic facilities section, we have subject-wise classrooms, which give children a break for 2 minutes between each period.

Of course, we have co-curricular activities like drawing, craft and music, which let children relax a little, and also express themselves wonderfully. The star attraction for students, however, are our activity periods! Every time they go for an activity period, they expect a surprise! You will find more details of that in the activities section.

As we have mentioned, technology and computers are at the core of our methodology. Children regularly get exposed to myEshala, our very own educational tool, which we use for testing and remedial teaching. We also teach students, how to use Scratch, an amazing GUI based programming tool, which focuses on logic, more than syntax. How we use them, can be found in the technology section.

With all these things happening, you would think that there cannot be more things done in a school. Well, you are wrong! Apart from these things, we regularly have events – and many of them. We have the annual gathering, which runs for a week, the science exhibition, a Diwali carnival, a Fun Fair, student conferences and a host of talks from professionals, ranging from road safety to career guidance. The idea is to expose the children to a variety of things, which will open up their perspective and make them smarter individuals.

How could we forget our dear parents? We have alternate open Saturdays for parents to come and interact with the teachers, and find out about how their child is doing in school. Extra training for scholarship and sports happen on these days too.

As all our parents know, whatever we do involves some thought behind it. This applies to our uniform too. We have a smart track pant and a T-shirt for all our students – boys and girls! This puts them at complete ease when playing sports, and sitting in class too.

All of this applies to Kindergarten students too (well, almost of all of it), though everything shrinks in scale for them!