Millennium National School


You do not need to submit any documents when you submit the application for admission. Documents have to be submitted at the time of taking admission, after admission to the school has been confirmed.

* Parents seeking admission from Nursery to Std 1 have to submit the original birth certificate & Attested Copy of of student Adhar Card..

* Parents seeking admission from Std 2 to Std 10 have to submit the original leaving certificate from the previous school (to be submitted at a later date)and Attested Copy of of student Adhar Card.

* Children who are presently in a school of a foreign country, need to get a transfer certificate from their current school. This is a letter from the school stating that the child has successfully completed the previous yearÂ’s requirement and is eligible to go ahead to the next class. It is similar to a leaving certificate that is given in India.

* For children who are foreign nationals, you also need to submit a true-copy proof of the nationality, valid visa and passport.


* We also need a true-copy of the caste certificate, in case you fall into any of the special categories.