Millennium National School


Our academic infrastructure is not only top class, but extremely innovative. Not only, do we have spacious classrooms, but we use them efficiently. Technology is at the core of the infrastructure too.


Our classrooms are very spacious (24′ x 20′), with huge windows that allow plenty of ventilation and light. The strength of a class is restricted to 48 students, giving each student enough individual space.

The students also have individual seats. Each student is given a pencil box which holds the necessary stationery. There are cubby holes for textbooks, worksheets, geometry boxes, extra pencils, pens, rulers etc. There is a whiteboard and public address system in each class too.

Instead of the conventional system of having a class for every division, we have made the timetable in such a way that the classes are subject-wise. So there is an English classroom, a Math lab, a science centre, a history room etc. The resources that are needed for that subject are all in the room itself. When the period is over, the students change classes and go to the next subject classroom.

This brings in a lot of subject related atmosphere in the classroom. It makes the environment lively and breaks monotony. It gives the students a bit of exercise at the end of each period – and a lot of variety in their day. It also improves the teaching quality a great deal as multiple teaching aids can be made available to the students. Even the arrangement of desk and chairs can be changed depending on the subject. Its a great system – another innovation in the Millennium Way™.



We value technology. We believe that imparting education using technology greatly strengthens the fundamentals of children. Teaching using technology requires two things – technology aware staff, and a good technical infrastructure.

The technological infrastructure we have is very strong. Here is a comprehensive overview:

Five computer labs equipped with 48 machines each. That’s 240 clients – all running Linux (we are major open source proponents)

myEshala: This is the main differentiator for us. myEshala is a software teaching tool that we have helped develop, which we use extensively in our labs, to enhance and fortify concepts of all subjects. It has quizzes, lectures and fun things that children in the school do, which academically strengthens them.

Multiple servers for addressing these clients and the Internet – again Linux based. 

A detailed school management system
to manage the non-academic processes – we love to automate things. We are the first and still the most advanced school in terms of the software that we use – you’d be amazed at the things we have automated! Our groundbreaking online admission process has been lauded by many technocrats – because it really is online! The form distribution takes about half a minute or so – the rest is all online!