Millennium National School

Millennium Stage lights up in Sparkling Splendour

A treat for the beholder
As enchanting as can be.
A Wonder full of ingenuity
Creating a beautiful world…

… A true depiction of these words were the grand days of the Annual Social Gathering of Millennium!
The Annual Gathering, which continued from 27th to 30th January 2019 was a treat for all! Be it drama, dances, songs, music or anchoring- we had it all, that too with the glow of magic that only children can bring!!
In a burst of colours all the student-artists exhibited a fine display of their talent. An exciting journey with the entire team from KG Section to Std. XII, it was a memorable event indeed!



The bright faces and cheerful smiles shone on the stage as well as the audience, as proud parents sat upright to watch the little ones perform dances, deliver dialogues, make announcements and practically light up the entire stage!



Drama with live dialogues and self-choreographed dances stole the show as the audience showered appreciation on the young artists.All the student-artists could be seen in various programs, trying to do their best. The excitement in the air was contagious and everyone in vibrant colours and dramatic getup were a sight to behold.

Special mention of the little students from KG Section is a must who, with their teachers made a wonderful team as they put up their best performances for the audience, who in turn appreciated and applauded with great enthusiasm.
Created by a thousand hands, the finery draped around the little artists spoke a million words about all the efforts which had gone into making the event a success.

This gathering was the very platform encouraging students to hone their artistic skills and enjoy the bountiful aesthetic pleasures which any form of art can bless us with!


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