Millennium National School

Celebrating Victory: Vijayadashmi Festival

It was a time of great festivity on 15th of this month, as our little students of KG Section trooped into the area allotted for celebrating Bhondla or Hadga as it is called.

The festivities in the month of Ashwinare known to bring us the warmth of joy and laughter in the company of our friends. One amongst these festivities is Bhondla/ Hadga.

Traditionally speaking, Bhondla/Hadga is the custom celebrated as the Sun moves to the thirteenth constellation of the zodiac called ‘Hasta’. “All sixteen days between Ghatasthapana and Kojagiri Pornima young girls celebrate the Bhondla with gusto. A rangoli, representing a motif of two elephants with garlands in their trunks, is drawn either on the floor or on a paat (low wooden stool). The girls go around the motif in a circle, holding each other’s hands and singing the Bhondla songs.


At Millennium not just the girls but all the little ones from the KG Section held each other’s hands and danced to the beats of the music as the Bhondla songs played in the background. The youngest of the lot –the nursery groups especially enjoyed the clapping of hands, reminding one of the real essence of joy in its purest form.

On the 17th, we also celebrated Dussehra or Dasara starting with ‘Saraswati Puja’. The day celebrated all over India to denote the ultimate triumph of good over evil. It is also an occasion to make us remember that we should eliminate the Ravan within us- remove the bad habits that prevent us from becoming better persons.



The entrance area in the KG Section gave just this message as it was adorned with a beautiful picture of Goddess Durga, a statue of Goddess Saraswati- the goddess of Knowledge as well as the Ten-headed Ravan, symbolizing the bad habits we need to avoid viz. Junk food, Speaking lies, Anger, Chewing the pencil etc.



Not only did the kids enjoy their favourite story sessions – about Dussehra, on this occasion – but also indulged in craft activities like making Aptyachepaan, the auspicious Kalash and the hand puppets of Ravan as per their classes. One couldn’t but notice the subtle blending of the transfer of tradition and culture along with fulfilling the educational objectives like improving the motor skills of the children on special events like this one…

As we know, the Vijay Mahurat on Dussehra is considered to be extremely auspicious. Time to re-experience the jubilance of the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasur, Lord Ram over Ravan and the homecoming of the Pandavas after their ‘Vanvaas’. With our young students, it was a festivity to rejoice and spread the light of happiness leading to a year full of success and divine goodness…


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