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There are two requirements that your child has to fulfill to be eligible for admission to a certain class. One is the age requirement and the second is the academic eligibility. Please make sure you check both. Age requirement (for the academic year 2020-21):

Class Born between the dates
Nursery 1st October, 2016 to 30th September 2017.

Age criteria as per Maharashtra Govt. GR

For admissions from class 2 to class 10, the child must have a document showing he / she has passed the final examination of the lower class in the previous year.  Do read our FAQ if you are coming back from another country, whose academic year doesn’t coincide with ours.

Still confused? We have designed a nice class evaluator for you to calculate the eligibility:

    Academic Year:
    Birth Day:
    Birth Month:
    Birth Year:

Academic requirement

Class Skills Required
Nursery No criteria

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