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Sports Report Card 2017-2018


Sports Report Card 2017-2018



Millennium National School has always taken pride in establishing new standards in Sports and Healthy living for our students. First time in the history of Indian schools, starting year 2017-18, the school is introducing a holistic assessment program for sports.


Millennium National School recognizes that excellence in sports is achieved through a combination of physical ability and sport skills. Towards that, the school, in collaboration with My Sports Buddy, has introduced the assessment program across 5/3/2 day sports and field hobbies.


The assessment program is designed by International and National sport experts!


In completing the tests, the school has captured 25000+ data points across students of all age categories. The sport assessment results are included in the annual report card for every student. We encourage parents and students to contact individual sport coaches for the details of the tests, and the on-field scores for students.


Physical (core) tests were conducted to evaluate the following aspect of students’ physical fitness

Physical attributes Description
Aerobic fitness Aerobic fitness is the core for any endurance sport. Students are evaluated on their ability to maintain their energy for extended period of time at increasing speeds.
Anaerobic fitness Anaerobic fitness evaluates the student’s ability to apply power in short spurts. Students are evaluated on applying their energy within a short time interval.
Strength Strength is the central element for most popular sports. Strength assessments are completed to measure the various strength component for students – Upper body, Core and Lower body
Agility & Flexibility Agility and Flexibility tests evaluate for student’s ability to change direction while maintaining balance and control when executing movements on the court or on the field

Individual tests were designed and conducted for each of the days sports

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kho-kho
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Hobbies including Mallakhamb (Rope and Pole)
  • Martial Arts

Student’s sport report cards include the % scores for each of the skills tests.


About My Sports Buddy – My Sports Buddy (MSB) provides a standards based professional SAAS platform for schools, sports academies, individual coaches and athletes to measure and improve on sports abilities, both fitness and skills, across sports and age groups. The platform provides automated and user friendly techniques for assessment recording, measurement and reporting. The overarching goal is to provide assessment benchmarks to schools, academies and athletes across sports and geographies to improve sports performance.


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