Millennium National School

Parent Teacher Association


Executive Committee 2019-20

Representative’s Name
Designation in PTA
Name of the Committee
Contact Details
Mrs. Radhika Vaidya Chairperson
Mr Tushar Kasar Vice Chairperson, Parent Representative Std 5 Extra Curricular Activities Committee
Mrs. Preeti Shahdadpuri Joint Secretary, Parent representative Std 1 Woman and Child Committee
Mrs. Sarika Joshi Joint Secretary, Teacher representative Std 7 Health Promotion Committee
Mr. Dipak Shitap Parent representative Std 2
Mrs. Mamta Kaushik Parent representative Std 3 Woman and Child Committee
Mrs. Smita Laturiya Parent representative Std 4 Health Promotion Committee
Mrs. Vibhavari Sapre Parent representative Std 6 Health Promotion, Co-Education Committee
Mr. Ameya Pore Parent representative Std 7 Extra Curricular Activities, Co-Education Committee
Mr. Aditya Kulkarni Parent representative Std 8 Disaster Management, Transport Committee
Mrs. Swati Yadav Parent representative Std 9 Co-Education, Transport Committee
Mrs. Shraddha Dixit Parent representative Std 10 Woman and Child Committee
Mr. Atul Kulkarni Parent representative Std 11
Mrs. Meenal Joshi Parent representative Std 12 Woman and Child Committee
Mrs. Anita Punjabi Teacher representative Std 1 Disaster Management Committee, Woman and Child Committee
Mrs. Arati Kulkarni Teacher representative Std 2 Extra Curricular Activities, Transport Committee
Mrs. Anisha Tarkar Teacher representative Std 3 Woman and Child Committee
Mrs. Sheetal Sahastrabuddhe Teacher representative Std 4 Co-Education Committee
Mrs. Rakhee Bodake Teacher representative Std 5 Health Promotion Committee
Mrs. Dhanashree Jawadekar Teacher representative Std 6 Health Promotion, Transport Committee
Mrs. Manisha Kadam Teacher representative Std 8 Extra Curricular Activities Committee
Mrs. Smita Pawar Teacher representative Std 9 Health Promotion
Mrs. Prajakta Patwardhan Teacher representative Std 10 Co-Education Committee
Mr. Snehal Shinde Teacher representative Std 11 Health Promotion, Extra Curricular Activities Committee
Mrs. Ruta Chaugule Teacher representative Std 12 Co-Education, Extra Curricular Activities Committee


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