Millennium National School

Parent Teacher Association

Executive Committee 2018-19

Representative’s Name
Designation in PTA
Name of the Committee
Contact Details
Mrs. Radhika Vaidya Chairperson
Mr Nilesh Mohite Vice Chairperson, Parent Representative Std 6
Mrs. Neha Lagu Joint Secretary Parent representative Std 4 Health promotion, Woman and Child committee, School Transport
Ms. Sonali Mazumdar Joint Secretary Teacher representative Std 4 Extra Curricular Activities, Health promotion, School Transport
Mrs. Bhakti Kulkarni Parent representative Std 1 Health promotion,Woman and Child
Mrs. Seema Peshwa Parent representative Std 2 Health promotion,School Transport
Mrs. Geetanjali Bhave Parent representative Std 3 Extra Curricular Activities, Events
Mrs. Aparna Chougule Parent representative Std 5 Woman and Child,Extra Curricular Activities
Mrs. Aditi Disa Parent representative Std 7 Extra Curricular Activities, Woman and Child, CoEducation
Mrs. Medha A Choudhary Parent representative Std 8
Mrs. Ritu A Gupta Parent representative Std 9 Health promotion
Mr. Ashish A.Kambale Parent representative Std 10 Disaster Management
Mr. Nitinchandra Mulay Parent representative Std 11 Co-Education
Mrs. Manik Lodh Parent representative Std 12 Co-Education
Mrs. Veena S. Patil Teacher representative Std 1 Woman and Child
Mrs. Deepa Bhagwat Teacher representative Std 2 Woman and Child
Ms. Archana Dalvi Teacher representative Std 3 Extra-curricular activities
Mrs. Prachee Athavle Teacher representative Std 5 Extra Curricular Activities, Woman and Child
Mrs. Mohini Mahale Teacher representative Std 6 Co-Education,Health promotion
Mr. Dnyaneshwar Birangal Teacher representative Std 7 Health promotion,School Transport
Mrs. Prajakta Bhide Teacher representative Std 8 Co-Education
Mrs. Asmita Phatak Teacher representative Std 9 Extra Curricular Activities, Events
Mrs. Alka Chitale Teacher representative Std 10 Co-Education,Events
Mr. Sachin Pansare Teacher representative Std 11 Extra Curricular Activities, Disaster Management
Mr. Yogesh P.Bapat Teacher representative Std 12 Health promotion,Disaster Management

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