Millennium National School

Result Day

Today we celebrate our triumphs and rejoice in our results.

But this bittersweet day also marks the time when our ways will part…
Our choices will take us on different courses, and our new journeys will start.

Bloggers, analysts, doctors.. we are the next gen entrepreneurs…
Contributing to the nation through unknown and unheard careers.
On this road less travelled, there will be glory and also failure
But why worry when each batchmate has got us covered?
All these years have passed, and we’ve spun a friendship net…
That’s the real achievement, which has got us set.

A wonderful world we shall design – Today we’ve shone and shall always shine!

Our Heartiest Congratulations to the students and best wishes to them follow their passion! We are very proud of you all!

Class of 10 A
Class of 10 B

Class of 10 C

Class of 10 D

Class of 10 E

Class of 12 A

Class of 12 B