Millennium National School

A Fanciful Treat

Season’s Greetings and a warm welcome to the fanciful land of the little ones from our KG Section..

The teacher announced the next participant. A little one dressed as the toothpaste strutted on to the stage. Asking the audience to take care of their teeth in a singsong voice, he awarded the audience with a brilliant smile!



Yes friends, this was the Celebration of ideas, of pretty faces and fanciful attires- The much awaited and coveted ‘Fancy Dress Celebration’!



A perfect opportunity of combining learning with fun as well as developing confidence in the young ones, this was one thrilling experience for all the students to walk onto the stage and speak in front of an audience. Be it a favourite character or planet or legends from India and abroad, it was an adventure for one and all. Coupled with a special gift for all, the little people took the spotlight in a stride. Their cheery demeanor and composure said a lot about the future yet to come.

Perfectly planned by the teachers and equally supported by the parents, it was an occasion worth adoring by any onlooker.

Undoubtedly a treat, this celebration aced it all as a little Kg student, dressed up as the planet Saturn, glibly told about many-a-planets from our Solar System including Venus, Jupiter etc. The passion he showed was reconfirmed by his parents who mentioned his initiative in getting information on this topic- in fact telling them about facts unknown even to them!!


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