Millennium National School

A Funfilled DahiHandi Celebration

They are the Krishnas..Gopis…Radhas…yes, they are our little students from Kg section as well as Std. I & II that have made this DahiHandi Celebration at Millennium, an occasion of fun and frolic, music and cheer!



Known for the human pyramid structures, symbolizing team spirit and strength in unity, the auspicious yet truly festive spirit of DahiHandi is celebrated throughout our country. It is an age old tradition with us Indians, who love to enjoy this celebration with our friends and achieve our common goals in the form of the Handi.

The young students of Millennium also enjoyed this cultural fest on Monday, 3rd September, along with their friends as they moved to the beats of the music ‘Govinda Ala Re Ala…’.


The charming stories of Little Krishna of Gokul, told by the teachers along with the colourful decoration added a festive backdrop to the soaring spirits of all.

Every young one, dressed in the finery of traditional dresses (some complete with a peacock feather headband as well) was glowing with the expectation of participating in the human pyramid and the little ones who were lucky enough to reach for the Handi- with the help of the Staff- grinned with glee as the puffed rice got poured all over their friends….

An occasion to be cherished for its gaiety and high spirits, our children were the very picture of innocent radiance not only as they held hands with their buddies or tasted the Prasad of puffed rice and sugar burst but also as they bestowed dimpled smiles, on any one who was lucky enough to catch their eye!!


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