Millennium National School

Aai Maza Guru (Mother- My First Teacher)

Anyone- anyplace will acknowledge the fact that our Mother- a blessing, a ray of hope in our life- is also our first teacher.

Our tiny tots from Millennium Pre-primary section took the opportunity to express their adoration for their Mothers and Gurus on the occasion of GuruPornima, on Friday 27th July. In fact, the entire celebration revolved around the concept of the Guru in our Mother and the Mother in our Gurus…



Story-telling, the best form of education and entertainment was used as the tool to imbibe the values of obedience and kindness to all living beings. The kids were sure to relish the pictorial story of Little Lord Ganesh and his Mother Parvati, who taught him to be kind to all! –And as they held the self-made greeting cards to be carried home for their Mother with ‘Aai Maza Guru’, their warm smiles could but compete with the colorful flowers on the cards…
Tiny heads bent and little hands paid obeisance to the supreme most Gurus of all times- Lord Gurudev Datta, Vyas Rishi. Students from Nursery, Jr Kg and Sr Kg stood in front of the drawings of these Great Gurus with utmost reverence and took their blessings.



“Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gururdevo Maheshwara, Gurur Sakshat Parabrahma, Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha” chanted the young voices as they taught others to love and learn with a devotion only possible to the purest of the pure hearts…


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