Millennium National School

Bridging the Gap

“What an awesome day it has been…” chirped the students of Std X, as they got down from their buses- and why wouldn’t they say that too? -it had truly been a very different ‘Teacher’s Day Celebration’ for all!
It began with the basic idea of giving the students an insight into the school-lives of children from a different section of the society. Accordingly, it was decided that all the 197 students of Std. X would visit various Corporation Schools in the area and spend some time with the kids there which would also be part of their SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action)Activity.

Organizing this entire event was a daunting task which included contacting the Shikshan Mandal, taking their permission, followed by contacting and convincing the authorized schools to participate in the event. This crucial coordination was done by our Vice Principal Mrs Sujata Kulkarni.

The planning from our side had already begun from the month of August. All the Std.10th CR’s (Class Representatives)had formed teams of 5 to 8 students along with deciding their profile in this activity- which included creating awareness about hygiene among the students as well as telling them about our first Vice-President and second President of India Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and the significance of Teachers day. Besides, some stationary material would also be donated to the schools.

Finally, all the loose ends were tied together and it was decided that our students of Std. X (division wise) would visit the four different Corporation schools in the area viz. Samrat Ashok Vidyalaya, Karvenagar; Vanabai Barate School, Warje; Shamrao Barate School, Warje and Pandit Dindayal School, Paud Phata on Saturday, Dt. 29th September 2018…



As our student-teachers entered their respective classrooms equipped with their teaching plans and teaching-aids – which they had prepared with a lot of care and thoughtfulness – all inhibitions died away and the initial apprehension went right out of the window as the kids gelled with each other! The enjoyment along with knowledge sharing was mutual as those students learnt art, craft, numbers and a lot more; while our student-teachers got an enriching experience and loads of adoration in return!!

Our CR’s say …”On that day we all were very excited to see those schools and then to teach the students there. It was amazing to see all our friends in the role of teachers. Those kids might be under privileged or from a different background but they carried a very innocent smile on their faces, which took us 4-5 years back – to the days of our Primary school – and we could connect to them easily!

We had become a part of that school,especially because of the friendliness of our students.They addressed us by different names-Dada/ Bhaiya, Tai etc.The satisfaction of giving something to someone who needs it, values it- is really out of this world.The event surely gave us a great learning experience as well as the satisfaction of seeing everyone smiling happily. They made our day…We usually decorate our classrooms with so many things,their classrooms were decorated too – but with those happy students themselves!!”



The teachers, who were a part of this novel enterprise, wholeheartedly appreciated the enriching experience our kids had on this occasion…They mentioned with great emphasis, “It was a wonderful experience for all our students and an extremely memorable day. The students could comprehend the colossal efforts needed to conduct a class. They experienced a sense of deep satisfaction and exhilaration when the municipality children responded to their stories and activities with exuberance. It’s the reason students always look forward to Teacher’s Day celebration with great anticipation, to bask in the spirit of this marvellous occasion.”

As our students got down from their buses and looked around at the familiar premises of Millennium, they waved at each other, only to say a quick goodbye before leaving for home, with their parents.

For us, the radiance of their smiles had said it all- the joy of giving and a deep satisfaction of having made a difference to someone…


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