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February kitchen activities…

The KG kitchen seems to always be busy with the plethora of activities going on. The month of February was no exception.
Nursery children learnt how to pick and clean the spinach from the given bundle. The children learnt that they have to break the stem in order to get only the fresh-green leaves. Similarly, the next show-and-learn activity done was peeling the green peas. The teacher demonstrated how to peel the green peas and the kids did the same. Using their nimble fingers the kids peeled the green peas very quickly, took the peas out of the pods and kept them in a bowl making a visible effort to not drop any on the ground.

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It was juice time for the Junior kids as they learnt to extract the juice from mosambis. The tables were ready with mosambis cut into halves and a manual juicer, over which the kids precisely placed the half and pressed it with all their strength to get the juice out. Many kids were surprised at the revelation of the strength they require to get the juice out. They questioned the teacher about the need of the sieve-type filter and after seeing the juice in the flask and seeds and pulp stuck in the filter, they got their answer. They collected the juice in a single bowl, added sugar to the juice and mixed it well. After getting their share of the juice in a glass, they gulped it down. Wiping their lips off, they said “yummy”

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These activities not only develop the finer motor skills but make them aware that each thing has various properties attributed to it, like its type, colour, shape and uses. Through short discussions and some examples the teacher got this information out from the students.


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