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In The Name of ‘Ganpati’ -The Lord of Wisdom

Little hands held the ‘Palkhi’ of the Lord, tiny eyes shone with glee as the rhythm of the drums sounded in the air….and all the little ones basked in the joy of the Ganesh Celebration as they joined the festive procession in our KG Section on Wednesday, dt. 12th Sept 2018.
The entire celebration with all its treats, started way back in August when the little students –guided by their teachers – learnt to make the correct mixture of clay(for idol making). This activity not only was enjoyable for the kids but it also provided opportunity for them to hone their motor skills- a very important aspect for the development of the child!
The next step for the idol making was of course, to make lovable little Ganesh idols from the ready clay. It was with much amazement and delight that the kids gazed at the clay take the shape of their favourite ‘Ganpati Bappa’ -only to be decorated with bright festive colors!



In their young minds could this have started the realization of the jouney from abstract to concrete? – ignorance to knowledge and darkness to light as said in the Sanskrit prayer-
Asatoma Sadgamaya,
Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya….



Truly, the Lord of Wisdom- ‘Ganesh’ is the friendliest of all. He not only extends his love and blessings to the entire universe but also symbolizes the Supreme most Truth in its real sense.
So, as the drums sounded with the accompaniment of the tasha and zhanz, our little students definitely enjoyed the festive mood. Besides, they also asked for the blessings of their favourite ‘Bappa’ as the teachers, kakas, aunties offered ‘Aarti’ -“Sukhkarta Dukhaharta” followed by the distribution of ‘Prasad’.
Thus for us all, this was one of the best times in the year! –an occasion for fun, frolic, creativity and some thoughtfulness too…


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