Millennium National School

Inter-house competitions of the year begin!

Yes! The inter-house competitions of the year 2013-14 begin today. And this year they begin with a bang! All houses get to show their strength, and we mean it literally! We are starting an action-packed sports year with the game of TUG OF WAR. Our student warriors will be playing this game in a technically perfect way on the Millennium campus for the first time ever. We have the selections today and the finals on Monday.

Although almost all of us have played this game casually for fun, it is interesting to know that it has many formal rules.  Tug o’ war can be dated back to 8th century BC. This sport has also been a part of the Olympic Games from 1900 to 1920. So let’s all bring back the glory of the game to this ‘Millennium’ and kick off our sports year with real power!

Warriors from blue, green, yellow and red, roll up your sleeves and let those muscles do the talking!


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