Millennium National School

My Avenues: Research Field as a Career Option

The session of ‘My Avenues’ conducted on 16th August 2018 opened a new window of aspirations for our students. In a special interaction with Mr. Rajan Walve, a consultant of the career prospects in the field of Research, this session provided a clear and comprehensive view to the young aspirants.

The most innovative, the most challenging field for the committed people- the students holding the passion to lead the journey from the unknown to known, from ignorance to knowledge -is ‘the field of Research’. Mr. Walve’s message of grit and perseverance kick started this interactive session. Moving on to the list of competitive exams as access points for students interested in pursuing a career in research- after Std XII or the bachelor’s degree, he gave information about KVPY, NEST, NISER etc.



He also mentioned that the research career is for the passionate ones with ingrained sincerity and self-motivation. Besides, he put special emphasis on concept clarity and self-made notes to be maintained regularly.
This field of career is the future of our country and the entire world- it is the dedication of the scientists that leads humankind to newer heights- a lucrative career for the deserving, it is an evolving field with financial aid(if required) offered by the government, he said.

Igniting minds with a promise to guide any enthusiastic student on his/her way to the Research Career, Mr. Walve concluded this session- making way for the young students to explore this prestigious and elite way of life!


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