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Eco-Exchange at Millennium ‘Annarai’

Pune, 7th June:

Would you call this magic if instead of all the plastic trash- containers, bags, wrappers, someone would just wave the magic wand and conjure up velvety green little saplings?- Well, this ‘green magic’ and not just any magic, brimming with life and full of promise for all the nature lovers is here at Millennium- Annarai! –Here you can become the proud owners of little saplings of Brinjal, Basil, Odomos, Brahmi in exchange of unwanted plastic trash, every Saturday and Sunday of this month.


Known for its innovative approach, Millennium National School is promoting Environmental awareness and conservation through ‘Annarai’ run Exchange Program. The best part being that this program has put to use the ancient ways of the Barter System- deposit the plastic or even the fallen dried leaves from your garden…. take home the green friends!


An Environmental Expert and the Torchbearer of the Sustainable Development Movement, Hemal Patel heads the entire programme but not without the like-minded and able guidance of the Director, Millennium National School, Anvit Phatak.


It was with great joy that one of our visitors, the Reporter from Daily ‘Sakal’ witnessed people coming all the way from Primpri-Chinchwad to participate in this drive. He could not but notice their joy as they held the delicate saplings with great care and promised to take good care of the green friends.As the cool wind blows through the bristles of the shrubs and whispers the nature song as it passes through the green leaves in the vegetable beds, Annarai, with its diverse green wealth proves to be a welcome oasis for all!


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