Millennium National School

Want to start a school like ours?

Millennium National School has been groundbreaking in education with its innovative bagless concept, complete day boarding solution, and a completely different view of learning. To run this, we have to be highly process driven, with a focus on quality and training. Every process needs documentation, which we have tons of.  What remains? A young, energetic, driven and enthusiastic team. That’s us!

We have a proven record too – excellent academic results, great sports achievements, and good personalities.

Looking at all our processes, we have created what we call the Millennium Way™. This is a very detailed plan of how to implement our methodology, and join the movement to impart our values and impart quality education.

We are an open community, and would love to share our logistics and techniques. If working for the society excites you, and if your values and ideologies match ours, we can help you start a school, the Millennium Way™. Do get in touch with our team to get a feel of what synergies can happen!